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Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart 2.2KG (Rioplatense)

Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart 2.2KG (Rioplatense)

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Here is a South American special, the Rump heart. It is a highly popular cut across all of the continent, especially in Argentina. As such they know how to prepare it and cut it perfectly. It benefits from the freedom and tranquillity which the cows are afforded during their lives as they roam the pampas plains- this ensures the beef is succulent and tender. Not only this, but the grass-fed finish they give the beef adds some health benefits other finishes lack- for example they are rich in omega 3 and 6. It also means the beef has a distinct flavouring and texture. This black label argentine beef comes from Argentine Hereford and Angus cattle, making it very sought after indeed.

The rump heart as a cut is versatile and can be used as a roasting joint, cut into steaks or pot roasted. Whatever method you decide to use when you cook it, it is worth mentioning that, due to the grass-fed nature of the beef, care must be taken to ensure the beef is not cooked too quickly or overcooked as, this will lead to tough or chewy beef.  But treat it well and you will be delighted.

Grill Fry Roast Pot Roast
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