Black Onyx Beef

This 270 day + dry aged grain-fed Black Angus beef is raised in the cool climate of the New England Tablelands and comes from the global leaders at Rangers Valley. It’s in chef’s kitchens across the globe and is one that celebrity chefs rave about. It’s the marbled beef that all others are compared to. Our Black Onyx Beef is produced by Rangers Valley
producers of some of the globe’s most premium beef.
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Black Onyx Denver Steak (2)

Black Onyx Denver Steak (2)

Denver steaks are a butcher's favourite. They are cut from the chuck primal. Denver steaks are textured with nice beefy flavour.

Black Market Sirloin BMS 5+

Black Market Sirloin BMS 5+

A highly marbled product – pure Black Angus beef.

Black Market Ribeye BMS 5+

Black Market Ribeye BMS 5+

A highly marbled product – a pure Black Angus beef.

Tom Hixson of Smithfield allows you to buy Black Onyx Beef online for affordable prices, ensuring you receive the most premium quality beef directly to your door. Grain-fed Black Onyx Beef is a worldwide favourite amongst professional chefs and culinary experts, making it a real high-quality delicacy. Offering intense marbling that others are simply compared to, Black Onyx Beef delivered by Tom Hixson of Smithfield provides marvellous textures and flavours due to its grain-fed nature. An excellent choice of Australian beef, Black Onyx beef is a popular range from our wider selection of beef, offering several cuts including chuck steak, beef brisket and ribeye. Black Onyx fillet steaks pair perfectly with roasted vegetables and potatoes, while pot-roasted beef brisket pair well with parsnips and mushrooms for rich flavours. If you’re looking for something for barbecues, browse our vast range of BBQ meat today, including beef ribs and burgers. Shop Black Onyx Beef today with Tom Hixson of Smithfield and receive premium quality beef at affordable prices, as well as discover the convenience of having beef delivered.