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Alternative Cuts

Alternative Cuts Of Beef

We have been in Smithfield market for a number of years and, in that time, we have come across some wonderful products that you would only find if you strayed from the beaten track. In this section we have outlined some of these cuts and hope to bring your attention to some of the underappreciated, but no less delicious cuts that we have for you here.


  • Galician Short Ribs

    Galician Short Ribs

    Introduce yourself to this range of spectacular beef from the world experts in gastronomy. These Galician short ribs have world class credentials, praised by chefs far and wide.
    weight: 0.9kg
    Price: £24.95
  • Beef Cupim

    Beef Cupim

    A Brazlian speciality, full of flavours, perfect for a pot roast. This product will be dispatched frozen, you will not be able to re-freeze.
    weight: 3.5kg
    Price: £59.95