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Beef Short Rib

Beef short ribs

Beef short ribs are cut from the Chuck and Plate, they are ideal for barbeques and will fall of the bone once cooked using the ‘low and slow’ technique. Tom Hixson stocks a range of options, including fully British reared, Grain Fed Australian (including halal) as well as USDA grade. Each source for Short Ribs has its merits but all our cuts will produce a top quality dish, when cooked well the flavours from the thick layer of outer fat and the bone combine to melt through into the meat and create the amazing taste that these ribs are known for. 


  • British Beef Short Ribs

    British Beef Short Ribs

    Naturally reared and perfectly prepared these British Short Ribs are unbelievably delicious.
    price per serving: £2.74 weight: 4kg
    Price: £54.95
  • USDA Beef Short Ribs

    USDA Beef Short Ribs

    American ribs and marbling of epic proportion. Full of exceptional flavours.
    weight: 2.9kg
    Price: £59.95


The Australian Cut  is exceptionally tender due to their relaxed lifestyle Down Under; our Aussie producers utilise a grain-fed finish to ensure their ribs are marbled with fat just waiting to infuse the beef with more flavours. The Australian short ribs also come in a Halal version to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy them. Both these cuts come frozen to lock in the flavour, ready to be realised once place on the grill.

If you are interested in a more locally sourced meat we also stock fully British Beef Short Rib, skilfully cut and prepared by our own master butchers ensuring you receive the highest quality possible. These ribs arrive freshly cut and ready to cook so you can get them cooking instantly with no defrosting time.

Our premium USDA Short Ribs are of the highest standard, as graded by the United States Department for Agriculture. The certification on this meat ensures not only an animal that has been raised with plenty of room to roam, but also with little stress which allows the meat to remain tender throughout its life. A grain finish also encourages additional fat marbling that will allow for flavour to be released into the meat during cooking.

We do occasionally source the magnificent Wagyu Short Ribs. These ribs are a rare find but the exceptional marbling of wagyu beef makes this product very special. So check back often and be sure to snap them up when they are available!

If you fancy something different, check out our beef page, stocking meat from across the globe.  We offer chilled deliver to the majority of the UK mainland in custom meat boxes that keep the product fresh for up to 72 hours. We can get the products to you Tuesday to Saturday all within 48 hours of ordering. Collection options can also be arranged from our Smithfield Office, please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions either email us at or call on 020 7248 3569.