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Here at Tom Hixson online butcher, we are massive fans of BBQs and cuts of beef we can smoke; baring this in mind, we have for you here a series of magnificent beef briskets. The brisket of beef is a cut from the lower back or chest, a very large cut that is incredibly popular with smokers and the BBQ brisket, is a firm favourite amongst the BBQ community especially in America. The brisket of beef has a covering of fat on one side which packs bags of flavour which is released into the beef as it melts during cooking.


  • BRITISH Cured Salt Beef

    BRITISH Cured Salt Beef

    A British brisket prepared in a unique yet mouthwatering manner adding flavour to any meal.
    weight: 3kg

    Price: £49.95

    Now: £34.95

  • Australian Brisket

    Australian Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 5.2kg
    Price: £69.95
  • USDA Brisket

    USDA Brisket

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | The USDA name carries it's own reputation these briskets are no exception. Brilliantly marbled, juicy and textured once cooked.
    weight: 5.8kg
    Price: £89.95
  • The Country Wood Smoke BBQ Box

    The Country Wood Smoke BBQ Box

    We have teamed up with Marcus Bawdon at CWS with a specially curated meat box, full of the tastiest and finest meats for the smoker or BBQ. Each box includes:

    USDA Brisket | Boston Pork Butt

    Meaty Spare Ribs | Baby Back Ribs

    CWS Rub

    weight: 13kg
    Price: £129.00
  • Australian Wagyu Brisket

    Australian Wagyu Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 5kg
    Price: £149.00
  • USDA Point End Brisket

    USDA Point End Brisket

    From our farming partners in Texas. Minimum 180 day hand-selected Angus cattle are fed on an all natural grass and grain diet. Perfect marbling, taste and texture - this smoking heavyweight will not disappoint.
    weight: 2kg
    Price: £89.95

    Out of stock

  • American Wagyu Brisket (Snake River Farms)

    American Wagyu Brisket (Snake River Farms)

    The Snake River Farms Wagyu briskets are the “secret ingredient” for competitive barbecue teams. You can rely on Snake River Farms briskets for consistency, outstanding flavour and exceptional juiciness.
    weight: 6.5kg
    Price: £199.00

    Out of stock