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Beef Burgers

This cut needs little introduction- the burger. Composed from beef from the primal cuts, our burgers are made using different and diverse types of meat giving you a range to really experiment with and enjoy at a BBQ or meal.


  • Galician Burgers (30)

    Galician Burgers (30)

    Our Galician beef burgers are a great way to introduce yourself to this range of spectacular beef from the world experts in gastronomy. Each pack contains 30 x 100g burgers.
    weight: 3kg
    Price: £100.00
  • USDA Beef Burgers (10)

    USDA Beef Burgers (10)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | 10 x 6oz burgers made from delicious, juicy and flavoursome Black Angus USDA beef.
    weight: 1.7kg

    Price: £42.95

    Now: £24.95

  • Marrow Beef Burgers (6)

    Marrow Beef Burgers (6)

    Our extra flavoursome and juicy burgers will never dissapoint, using only the highest quality ingredients, perfect for any occasion.
    weight: 0.86kg
    Price: £19.95