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Halal Beef

We are passionate about the quality of our produce at Tom Hixson, so we want as many people to be able to enjoy it as possible. Our Halal Beef cuts include Rump, Bavette and Fillet as well as halal Wagyu beef the most flavoursome cut of meat we sell. Many of our halal cuts are sourced grain fed Australian cattle that are given freedom to roam plains, giving you a tender and well marbled piece of meat that is perfect for special occasions like anniversaries as well as an ideal size for catering to large groups of people. 


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  • Halal Australian Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye

    Halal Australian Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye

    A leaner cut due to a grass fed finish. Still amazingly textured and packed full of sensational flavours
    price per serving: £5.76 weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £70.00
  • Halal Australian Grass fed fillet

    Halal Australian Grass fed fillet

    A leaner finish due to a grass fed finish. This product though is still sensationally succulent and tender.
    price per serving: £9 weight: 2kg
    Price: £73.50
  • Halal Canadian Sirloin

    Halal Canadian Sirloin

    Our Canadian Grass Fed Sirloin deliver phenomenal tenderness, texture and flavour.
    weight: 5.1kg
    Price: £240.00
  • Halal Australian Brisket

    Halal Australian Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 4.6kg
    Price: £44.39
  • Halal Uruguayan Beef Picanha

    Halal Uruguayan Beef Picanha

    A staple in the South American steakhouses. Full of phenomenal flavours and brilliant texture.
    price per serving: £3.95 weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £25.75
  • USDA Topside


    Scoring full marks in terms of flavour, texture and tender this Halal USDA Topside is a mouth watering treat.
    price per serving: £2.00 weight: 9.6kg
    Price: £78.60
  • Australian Grain Fed Rump

    Halal Australian Grain Fed Beef Rump

    Buy meat online from Tom Hixson, online butchers, like the sensational marble covered Australian Grain Fed Rump. Fabulously succulent and textured.
    price per serving: £4.06 weight: 5.2kg
    Price: £76.80
  • Halal Australian Grain Fed Beef Fillet

    Halal Australian Grain Fed Beef Fillet

    Marvellously marbled and tantalisingly textured. A truly delightful product from Down Under.
    price per serving: £8.19 weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £87.50
  • Australian Grain Fed Short Ribs

    Halal Australian Grain Fed Beef Short Ribs

    A winner for a bbq or smoker, these textured Australian Grain Fed Short Ribs are pack full of rich and delicious flavours.
    price per serving: £4.00 weight: 3kg
    Price: £44.40
  • Australian Grain Fed Rib Eye

    Halal Australian Grain Fed Beef Rib Eye

    Incredible succulence and texture are guaranteed with this glorious rib eye.
    price per serving: £8.03 weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £80.30
  • Halal Canadian Picanha

    Halal Canadian Picanha

    Skilfully prepared by our master butchers, this Canadian Picanha is exceptionally textured, succulence and flavoursome.
    weight: 1.29kg
    Price: £30.00

    Out of stock

  • Halal Canadian Featherblade

    Halal Canadian Featherblade

    This Canadian Featherblade offers a splendid array of flavours accompanied by delicious succulence.
    weight: 2.46kg
    Price: £37.00

    Out of stock


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Halal Grain Fed Beef, Rump, Short Ribs, Sirloin Steaks & Wagyu Beef From Tom Hixson

We are passionate about the quality of our produce at Tom Hixson, so we want as many people to be able to enjoy it as possible. As such we are one of the leading suppliers of halal meat online in the UK. From our wholesale Smithfield market in London, we supply a great range of halal steak options, including rump, sirloin and fillet sourced from Australia as well as halal wagyu beef ideal for a special meal with fantastic marbling that gives the signature wagyu flavour. 

Our Australian halal beef is sourced from free range cattle that is fed on a grass diet throughout its life and then finished with a grain feed. This feeding cycle ensures a higher level of fat marbling to produce a flavoursome dish, especially when cooked using slow cook techniques like barbeques and oven roasts.

If you’re looking for halal beef steaks for an evening meal look no further than our grain fed halal beef fillet. Cook using a dry heat method but watch carefully, the fillet cut has very little fat so needs only the minimum amount of cooking time, for the best results try grilling or pan frying your meat for a few minutes to create a perfectly cooked centre piece to any meal.

Ideal for the summer is our halal beef ribs, cut from between the 6th and 10th ribs provides the most tender meat (these are also known as short ribs), compared to the back ribs of the cattle there is no contest, halal short beef ribs have the meat stacked above the bone so you will have no problem eating this delicious cut straight from the BBQ or smoker.  

For the undisputed best piece of meat for your restaurant, or your next evening dining event, then look no further than our halal wagyu beef selection. Wagyu has long been considered the king of beef, cattle are reared in the best conditions with some farmers even playing music and giving the animals massages! This may sound crazy but the cow’s relaxed nature allows the ultimate in fat marbling, making this among the most flavoursome meats in the world.

Our halal beef sirloin and rib eye steaks are our two finest cuts from this range, our halal meat range is forever changing so it’s best to check back regularly to see the latest delicacies we have on offer.

Other beef products from out halal meat online range includes occasionally beef sourced from South American such as the Uruguayan Beef Picanha, a unique name for the Rump Cover that is prized in South American cooking for its ideal slow cooking qualities. In addition we also have a dedicated halal chicken breast range that is great for people looking for healthy halal meat alternatives.

Tom Hixson halal meat products sold online in the UK have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law and adhered to the protocols. We have certification available upon request; please email for a copy.