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Round Beef

Here at Tom Hixson online butcher we also have a great selections of cuts that fall under the category known as The Round. The Round is found at the rear end of the cow and is slightly tougher when compared to its the primal cut alternatives. But it will provide you with a series of cuts that are loaded with flavour and have tonnes of meat.


  • Australian Grass Fed Beef Topside

    Australian Grass Fed Beef Topside

    Ideal for slow roasting, this cooking methods allows time for delightful flavours and juices the develop within the meat.
    price per serving: £2.125 weight: 7.5kg
    Price: £63.75
  • Australian Rolled Topside

    Rolled Beef Topside

    A perfect roasting joint. Extraordinary flavours, succulence and texture.
    price per serving: £2.10 weight: 3.2kg
    Price: £30.00
  • USDA Silver Flat

    USDA Beef Silver Flats

    Another American beauty. Trimmed of excess fat and perfectly marbled. This product delivers extraordinary flavours and texture.
    price per serving: £3.15 weight: 6kg
    Price: £62.90
  • USDA Topside


    Scoring full marks in terms of flavour, texture and tender this Halal USDA Topside is a mouth watering treat.
    price per serving: £2.00 weight: 9.6kg
    Price: £78.60

    Out of stock

  • Australian Grass Fed Silverside

    Australian Grass Fed Beef Silverside

    A stunning, Grass Fed Silverside from Down Under. It illuminates any meal with tantalising flavours and texture.
    price per serving: £1.31 weight: 7kg
    Price: £47.00

    Out of stock

  • Uruguayan Beef Eye Round

    Uruguayan Beef Eye Round

    Full of delicious flavours. Ideal for slow cooking as this really develops the flavours.
    price per serving: £2.53 weight: 1.6kg
    Price: £15.20

    Out of stock

  • Australian Grass Fed Silverside

    Australian Grass Fed Beef Silverside

    A stunning, Grass Fed Silverside from Down Under. It illuminates any meal with tantalising flavours and texture.
    price per serving: £1.31 weight: 8.7kg
    Price: £57.00

    Out of stock

  • British Beef Eye Round

    British Beef Eye Round

    Ideal for roasting, this British Grass Fed Eye Round has been naturally reared and offers brilliant flavours and texture.
    price per serving: £2.31 weight: 1.7kg
    Price: £16.20

    Out of stock


We have a great range of Silver Flats within the Round category; taken from the Silver Side, the silver flat is a huge piece of beef that is highly lean and has deep flavour. We have ensured that we have a variety of these cuts available as much as possible.

We have the Wagyu version being the premier cut. Wagyu in and of itself is one of if not the elite brand of beef with its propensity towards sensational marbling and incredibly succulent and tender beef. The silver flat here demonstrates those qualities as it elevates a typically very lean piece towards having slightly more fat and thus more flavour released during cooking.

Leading on from this we have the USDA version which, coming in at around 7.4kg, is certainly a hefty piece. We source our Silver Flats from USDA farmers who give them a grain-fed finish; this gives a slightly better marbling of fat through the silver side releasing more and more flavours during cooking. Finally, the simply massive Australian silverside; this cut is a grass-fed finish meaning it is lean but with a distinct flavouring, it also boasts high omega 3 and 6 content making it a healthier cut.

Outside of the Silver Flats we also have the Topsides. Similar to the Silver Flats the Topside is a lean, well worked area of the cow, but packs bags of flavour. We have two versions available in the Australian, grass-fed cut which, as mentioned, gives you the Omega 3 and 6 boost whilst also providing a wonderful flavoured finish. The Rolled Topside comes is prepared by our master butchers who ensure there is enough fat remaining to seep through and flavour the beef as cooked. Following this the cut is rolled and tied.

In terms of preparation methods, these cuts are suited to slow cooking methods due to their lower fat content and lean nature. However, the long-time spent cooking will ensure the flavours are released perfectly whilst also tenderising the meat. Pot-roasts or roasts in general are a good way to go. Alternatively, you can utilise these cuts to make a traditional South African dish in the shape of biltong.

These cuts are suited more to family meats and gatherings than fine dining experiences, but they will certainly give you a roast to savour. And you will have meat to feast on for days to come given the size of these.

So grab a piece of these giants and give them a go. If you fancy something different, check out our beef page, stocking meat from across the globe.  We offer chilled deliver to the majority of the UK mainland (apart from some parts of Scottish Highlands) in boxes that keep the products fresh for up to 48 hours. We can get the products to you Tuesday to Saturday all within 48 hours of ordering. Collection options can also be arranged from our Smithfield Office, please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions either email us at or call on 020 7248 3569.