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Rump & Picanha

Rump & Picanha

In this beef section we have a great range of products from the Rump of the animal. Coming from the top section of the hindquarter of the cow, the rump is typically a little firmer compared to the classic steak cuts like fillet or ribeye but packs an abundance of succulent flavours. We are not just limited to the rump itself but have ensured we have various other cuts from the rump section. We have the rumptail, rump cap (Picanha cut Portuguese translation of cap of rump) and rump hearts along with the whole beef rump roast joint. 


  • Australian Wagyu Picanha

    Australian Wagyu Picanha

    EXCLUSIVE to Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Masterly cut from the rump primal to leave you with the most succulent section, which is ready to roast or slice into steaks.
    weight: 1.5kg

    Price: £150.00

    Now: £100.00

  • Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart

    Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart

    A splendid cut of Angus Argentine beef. Providing incredible texture and wonderful flavours.

    weight: 2.4kg
    Price: £64.95
  • Wagyu Rump Hearts

    Wagyu Rump Hearts

    The Australian Wagyu rump heart delivers a sensational combination of tenderness and flavour that has become the hallmark of wagyu beef.
    weight: 3kg
    Price: £139.00
  • USDA Rumpheart

    USDA Beef Rump Heart

    Once again our American producers deliver a marvellously marbled beef product. A sensationally flavoursome and textured cut.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £79.95
  • American Wagyu Picanha

    American Wagyu Picanha

    EXCLUSIVE to Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Enjoy part of our American Wagyu range from our friends across the pond at Snake River Farm.
    weight: 1.2kg
    Price: £120.00

    Out of stock