Steak Mince

Our range of steak mince features an expertly prepared selection of produce, carefully chosen by our master butcher, delivering you exceptional quality lean beef mince. Each has a high meat content, allowing for superb levels of flavour and texture, to give your dishes that gourmet feel. We have sourced our steak mince from British beef and Wagyu steak, for a choice of premium produce that is unrivalled when it comes to quality and taste. Whether you’re making your burgers from scratch or cooking up a rich ragu, our steak mince is the ultimate choice for your fine dining recipes.

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Wagyu Beef Steak Mince
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Wagyu Beef Steak Mince

Our Wagyu Beef Mince has been expertly prepared by our master butchers. From carefully selected Wagyu breeds and from the finest primal cuts. This rich and delicious mince has an abundance of enticing, delightful flavours along with a stunning texture. Perfect for a wide selection of dishes.

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