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Beef For BBQs

These beef cuts are a few of our favourites for the barbecue. The outstanding flavours and texture of the meat are really enhanced by the grill. Order online today and taste the products loved by our street food barbecuers and Argentine grillers. View our exceptional selection and buy online at wholesale prices.


  • Australian Grain Fed Short Ribs

    Australian Grain Fed Short Ribs

    A winner for a bbq or smoker, these textured Australian Grain Fed Short Ribs are pack full of rich and delicious flavours.
    weight: 2.8kg
    Price: £59.95
  • Australian Wagyu Brisket

    Australian Wagyu Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 7kg
    Price: £189.00
  • Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart

    Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart

    A splendid cut of Angus Argentine beef. Providing incredible texture and wonderful flavours.

    weight: 2.4kg
    Price: £64.95
  • Sirloin

    Black Label Argentine Beef Sirloin

    A favourite for the Argentine Grill, this Black Label sirloin delivers marvellously aromatic and rich flavours.

    weight: 4.5kg
    Price: £179.00
  • Black Label Argentine Beef Fillet

    Black Label Argentine Beef Fillet

    A wonderfuly tender piece this fillet has an intense and deep flavour that is truly sensational. 

    weight: 1.7kg
    Price: £119.00
  • Smoker's Box | Summer Edition (SAVE £30)

    Smoker's Box | Summer Edition (SAVE £30)

    Boston Butt - 4.5kg
    12 Marrow Burgers 1.72kg
    Angus Brisket 4.5kg
    Iberico Spare Ribs - 1.7kg
    Baby Back Loin Ribs - 1.2kg

    weight: 13.62kg
    Price: £139.00
  • USDA Beef Burgers (10)

    USDA Beef Burgers (10)

    10 x 6oz burgers made of delicious, juicy and flavoursome USDA beef.
    weight: 1.7kg
    Price: £42.95
  • USDA Beef Short Ribs

    USDA Beef Short Ribs

    American ribs and marbling of epic proportion. Full of exceptional flavours.
    weight: 2.8kg
    Price: £79.95
  • USDA Brisket

    USDA Brisket

    The USDA name carries it's own reputation these briskets are no exception. Brilliantly marbled, juicy and textured once cooked.
    weight: 5kg
    Price: £119.00