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Beef For Roasting

These beef cuts have been primed by our master butchers to ensure sensational flavours and texture are delivered when roasted. Your Sunday dinner will never taste so good. Buy online today and taste our award winning roasting joints. Available to you at sensational value which can only be found in the wholesale market.


  • Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

    From our suppliers at Heritage Angus Beef, the premium beef, the rump heart as a cut is versatile and can be used as a roasting joint, cut into steaks or pot roasted.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £84.95
  • Large USDA Sirloin (Creekstone Farms)

    Large USDA Sirloin (Creekstone Farms)

    Our USDA herd are fed high quality corn which means you get beautiful marbling and outstanding flavours. Perfect for frying, grilling or roasting.
    weight: 2.2kg

    Price: £129.00

    Now: £88.95

  • Canadian Fillet (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Fillet (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian beef fillet with incredible marbling and flavour - part of our fantastic Canadian range.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £249.00
  • USDA Rumpheart

    USDA Rumpheart

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | Once again our American producers deliver a marvellously marbled beef product. A sensationally flavoursome and textured cut.
    weight: 2.8kg
    Price: £79.95
  • Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart (Rioplatense)

    Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart (Rioplatense)

    A splendid cut of Angus and Hereford Argentine beef. Providing incredible texture and wonderful flavours.

    weight: 2.4kg

    Price: £69.95

    Now: £39.95

  • Black Label Argentine Beef Ribeye (Rioplatense)

    Black Label Argentine Beef Ribeye (Rioplatense)

    A triumph from the producers of Argentina. Delivering sublime taste, texture and tenderness and the intense dry aged flavours. 

    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £89.95
  • Argentine Beef Fillet (Rioplatense)

    Argentine Beef Fillet (Rioplatense)

    A wonderfuly tender piece this fillet has an intense and deep flavour that is truly sensational. 

    weight: 1.2kg

    Price: £100.00

    Now: £59.95

  • Australian Wagyu Picanha

    Australian Wagyu Picanha

    EXCLUSIVE to Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Masterly cut from the rump primal to leave you with the most succulent section, which is ready to roast or slice into steaks.
    weight: 1.4kg
    Price: £100.00

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