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Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus

Incredible succulence and tenderness is guaranteed with our AA standard Aberdeen Angus beef steaks. Our cattle are fully matured on green pastures. The Angus is then hung for eight days before being separated by the master butchers ensuring a richer flavour and a consistency of product. Buy from our exclusive range today and taste our famous Aberdeen Angus beef. Delivered to you at incredible, wholesale prices.


  • Aberdeen Angus Fillet

    Aberdeen Angus Beef Fillet

    This native breed delivers exceptional flavour, succulence and texture. This exquisite fillet suits dry heat cooking methods.
    weight: 2kg
    Price: £139.00
  • Aberdeen Angus Sirloin

    Aberdeen Angus Beef Sirloin

    A select breed. Tender, textured and packed full of flavours.
    weight: 5kg
    Price: £199.00
  • Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye

    Aberdeen Angus Ribeye

    The best of British, these Aberdeen Angus Ribeyes deliver exquisite tenderness and taste.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £129.00