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Heritage Angus Beef provides what health-conscience consumers are demanding in beef: a safe wholesome food that can be savoured and trusted. Heritage Angus Beef believes that the health of the land and the health of the animal are critical to producing wholesome top-quality beef. Our cattle are never fed antibiotics, added hormones or steroids. All of Heritage Angus cattle can be traced right back to their farm of origin in Canada. The unparalleled taste and tenderness of Heritage Angus Beef is a result of exceptional genetics, meticulous care and feeding, finishing on barley grain and silage, and the aging process.

Heritage Angus Beef Standards: - Traceability from pasture to plate - Canadian Angus Beef - Raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids - Raised on grass and a vegetarian feed - Humanely Raise - Grades AAA or Prime


  • Canadian Short Ribs (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Short Ribs (Heritage Angus)

    These Canadian short ribs are simply exquisite and perfect for the low and slow method. This melt in your mouth beef will fall straight off the bone. Contains 2 racks. This product will be dispatched frozen, once defrosted you will not be able to re-freeze.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £59.95
  • Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

    From our suppliers at Heritage Angus Beef, the premium beef, the rump heart as a cut is versatile and can be used as a roasting joint, cut into steaks or pot roasted.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £84.95
  • Canadian Fillet (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Fillet (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian beef fillet with incredible marbling and flavour - part of our fantastic Canadian range.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £249.00
  • Canadian Sirloin (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Sirloin (Heritage Angus)

    Our Canadian Grass Fed Sirloin deliver phenomenal tenderness, texture and flavour.
    weight: 4.8kg
    Price: £249.00
  • Canadian Ribeye (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian Ribeye (Heritage Angus)

    Textured, highly marbled and flavoursome. A truly delightful Canadian product. Perfect for grilling, frying or roasting.
    weight: 4.5kg
    Price: £299.00
  • Canadian Picanha

    Canadian Picanha

    Skilfully prepared by our master butchers, this Canadian Picanha is exceptionally textured, succulence and flavoursome.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £29.95