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Hereford Beef 

Hereford is one of the world’s premier breeds of cow and it is originally from right here in the UK- in Herefordshire to be precise. These distinctive, white faced animals have been reared and raised in over 50 different countries- so it has certainly travelled the world over. But for true, authentic, home grown Hereford Beef you need look no further than here as all the products in this section are UK born and bred.  


  • Hereford Fillet

    Hereford Beef Fillet

    A grass fed finish, gives this select breed fillet a leaner finish. It provides incredible tenderness and succulence.
    price per serving: £8.58 weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £84.95
  • Hereford Sirloin

    Hereford Half Beef Sirloin

    Texture, tender and flavoursome. This native breed, Hereford Sirloin score sensationally in all three categories. Ideal for roasting, frying or grilling.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £79.95
  • Hereford Rib Eye

    Hereford Beef Rib Eye

    Perfectly trimmed, providing a exceptional combination of brilliant flavours and texture.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £99.95
  • Hertford Rump

    Hereford Beef Rump

    From a British select breed which has built it's reputation upon delivering tempting textures and fantastic flavours.
    price per serving: £5.23 weight: 5kg
    Price: £104.50

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But why has this breed become so popular and why do farmers all over the world make it their breed of choice? There are several reasons for this but one of the key factors is the natural marbling of fat that Hereford beef can boast. To have naturally occurring rivers of fat running through the muscle means that when the beef is cooked and the fat melts, you have more flavour released into the beef as it infuses with the meat. Also, the melting fat also ensures that the beef is succulent and moist. Hereford beef is also a luxuriously tender and this can be partially attributed to the nature of the cow itself. They are notoriously hardy, calm and stress-free animals which means the muscle avoids being constantly filled with adrenaline which can lead to tough and chewy beef.

The conditions in the UK result in an environment that serves to further enhance this tenderness. With the relative stability of the climate, the cows enjoy consistency and do not have to react to dramatic changes in temperatures or weather- again this reduces stress and ensures tender beef. Furthermore, they are afforded large open spaces to roam around as they graze on natural grass which only serves to heighten the quality of the beef. Being grass-fed also gives the beef a distinctive finish and is why UK Hereford beef is so sought after.

UK Hereford beef also comes with a series of health benefits. Grass-fed beef in general has the advantage of being rich in omega 3 and 6 and this is something Hereford benefits from. But beyond that the beef is high in proteins, iron and vitamin B. These health positives only add to the experience when eating some of this fine beef.

In terms of the cuts we primarily stock the classic steak cuts for you to sample. We have the fillet which is a lean cut and, being the muscle that is worked the least, will be extremely tender; it will be perfect as a series of steaks or, you can utilise the head of the fillet to make a beef wellington. The ribeye has marvellous natural marbling which is only enhanced when you try a Hereford piece; outside of the classic ribeye steak it will make a great roasting joint. Similarly, the sirloin, and its’ natural covering of fat, means it will be great either grilled, as steaks or roasted to name a few. We also have the Hereford rump which will give you plenty of meat to work with and make anything from steaks, to roasts, to a piece for the BBQ.

All our UK Hereford products will come fresh so you can freeze them to enjoy them as and when you please. For more delicious and succulent beef from across the world, visit out beef page. We offer chilled deliver to the majority of the UK mainland (apart from some parts of Scottish Highlands) in boxes that keep the products chilled for up to 48 hours. We can deliver your meat order directly to you Monday to Saturday all within 72 hours from when your order is placed. Collection option is also available from our Smithfield Office, please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions either email us at or call on 020 7248 3569.