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Irish Beef

Here at Tom Hixson of Smithfields, our handpicked Irish producers share our passion for quality beef. They expertly produce consistently tender and succulent pieces of meat. Their cows are afforded the freedom to roam in open green pastures. This calm, laid back lifestyle means the cows enjoy a tranquil environment, ultimately resulting in little stress during their lives; this reduces the tension in the cow’s muscles and helps avoid tough and chewy beef.


  • Irish Chateaubriand

    Irish Chateaubriand

    This popular cut will be the talking point of any dinner. Enjoy this delicious cut packed full of flavour and tenderness.
    weight: 0.9kg
    Price: £44.95
  • Irish Beef Fillet Tail

    Irish Beef Fillet Tail

    Very similar to Fillet Steak and cut from the tender Beef loin, The Fillet tail is a very versatile and economical meat cut. Extremely tender and packed full of flavour. This cut can be sliced into medallions then sauteed, grilled or griddled.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £29.95
  • Individual Dry Aged Irish Tomahawk Steak (Frozen)

    Individual Dry Aged Irish Tomahawk Steak (Frozen)

    This delicious individual Tomahawk steak is the perfect choice to impress your guest! Full of flavour and splendour.
    weight: 1.1kg
    Price: £34.95

    Out of stock

  • Hereford Fillet

    Short Horn Beef Fillet

    A grass fed finish, gives this select breed fillet a leaner finish. It provides incredible tenderness and succulence.
    price per serving: £9.50 weight: 1.8kg
    Price: £95.00

    Out of stock

  • British Flank Steak

    Irish Beef Flank Steak

    Grill, pan fry or braise this grass fed Irish cut and you'll discover it's wonderful flavours.

    price per serving: £2 weight: 5kg
    Price: £47.50

    Out of stock


We have a few cuts available from our Irish range for you here at Tom Hixson. Firstly, the traditional South American cut, the Picanha (or rump cap), comes from the top of the rump and has a marvellous combination of flavour and succulence. The fat covering ensures the beef does not become dry during cooking and releases delicious flavours as it seeps into the meat. Additionally, we have the fantastic flank steak which has both health benefits and flavours bursting gout of it. The other Irish product we stock is our award winning Chuck Roll. Made up of parts of the cow’s neck, shoulder blade and upper leg, the chuck role is a well worked piece of beef and as a result is a lean and versatile product.

 The Irish beef we supply has been grass-fed finished. This results in leaner beef with an abundance of omega 3 and 6. You do need to be careful when cooking grass-fed beef, as compared to the finish of grain-fed beef, there is slightly less fat protecting the meat so can become dry if overcooked or cooked too quickly. Treat with care and you will really enjoy this lean yet succulent meat.

 The Picanha is a hugely popular steak in South American, with many considering it the optimal cut. It provides wondrously flavourful steaks due to the fat covering and can be barbequed or grilled to perfection. You can experiment with various marinades and seasonings, which will add different layers and textures to your steak.

 The lesser-known flank steak is a grass fed meat, ideal for any occasion. It has a great mixture of intense flavours but also a healthy, low fat content, which saw it listed in Men’s Health Magazine as one of the "49 of the best things in the world to eat right now". We recommend grilling, pan- frying or braising this award winning product to see what the fuss is about.

 The Chuck Roll is a joint that lends itself beautifully to being braised and used in dishes like stews or pot roasts. As mentioned it is a cut that is from a well worked area of the animal and has a coming together of muscle, meat and fat. It is often described as the Boston Butt of beef and, like the butt, lends itself to pulling and shredding as opposed to slicing. But the meat holds its succulence beautifully.

 For more inspiration and recipes ideas for cooking to two flavoursome meats, visit our Foodie News page.

 So why not sample some Irish beef and see how good it is for yourself. Also, check out the variety of different cuts we have available from around the world on our Beef page. We offer chilled deliver to the majority of the UK mainland (apart from some parts of Scottish Highlands) in boxes that keep the products fresh for up to 48 hours. We can get the products to you Tuesday to Saturday all within 48 hours of ordering. Collection options are also available from our Smithfield Office, please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions either email us at or call on 020 7248 3569.