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Uruguayan Beef

Uruguay cattle roam uninhibited in one of the best preserved pastures in the world. Our farming partners masterfully herd their cattle in low - mountain ranges and in turn produce world class grain and grass fed beef. Explore our range of Uruguay's biggest and best export.


  • Uruguayan Rump Tail

    Uruguayan Rump Tail

    A rich flavour and texture are guaranteed from this exquisite Uruguayan rump tail. A treasure from South America.
    weight: 1kg

    Price: £34.95

    Now: £21.95

  • Uruguayan Grain Fed Bavette Steak

    Uruguayan Grain Fed Bavette Steak

    Fantastically flavoursome and succulent, this Uruguayan Bavette really is a testament to the expertise of our South American producers.
    weight: 1kg

    Price: £40.00

    Now: £31.95

  • Uruguayan Grain Fed Picanha

    Uruguayan Grain Fed Picanha

    A staple in the South American steakhouses. Full of phenomenal flavours and brilliant texture.
    weight: 1.4kg

    Price: £50.00

    Now: £40.00

  • Uruguayan Ribeye

    Uruguayan Ribeye

    Fantastically succulent and juicy these ribeye are a taste satisfaction from South America. Perfect for grilling as individual steaks or a whole joint.
    weight: 2.5kg

    Price: £140.00

    Now: £100.00

  • Uruguayan Sirloin

    Uruguayan Sirloin

    From the finest beef producers of South America, these sirloins are sublimely textured and incredibly tender. Find out more here.
    weight: 4kg

    Price: £150.00

    Now: £110.00


Born and bred in mountain ranges, our selection of Uruguayan beef benefits from both grass and grain-fed selections to cater to every preference. Uruguayan Beef delivered by Tom Hixson of Smithfield is available in a wide range of different cuts, including ribeye steak and rump tail and picanha, both of which are well sought after for a variety of different reasons. A slightly less-known breed, Uruguayan Beef is ideal for those wanting to try something new. As part of our wide selection of beef, for some, Uruguayan Beef is said to be one of the best kinds in the world. As it gets harder to find this beef due to an increase in demand, Tom Hixson of Smithfield is proud to offer a wide variety of different cuts to suit a wide range of meals and palates. Buy Uruguayan Beef from Tom Hixson of Smithfield today and discover premium quality beef at affordable prices, as well as appreciate the convenience of having beef delivered directly to your doorstep.