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America and beef go hand in hand with steak roaring on an open charcoal grill often springing to mind. The sights and sounds of the US restaurant scene are also iconic. These are encapsulated by this bustling scene from one of New York's finest steakhouses. Our farming partners' produce is the culmination of years of skill, experience and passion. In addition, the USDA grading guarantees an outstanding quality.


  • USDA Chateaubriand (Creekstone Farms)

    USDA Chateaubriand (Creekstone Farms)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | This very special USDA Black Angus Chateaubriand is guaranteed to impress everyone at the dinner table. Enjoy this show stopping cut today found in some of the World's best steak houses.
    weight: 1.2kg
    Price: £69.95
  • USDA Beef Short Ribs (Creekstone Farms)

    USDA Beef Short Ribs (Creekstone Farms)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | American ribs and marbling of epic proportion. Packed full of exceptional flavours from certified Black Angus. This product will be dispatched frozen, you will not be able to re-freeze.
    weight: 3kg
    Price: £69.95
  • USDA Rumpheart

    USDA Rumpheart

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | Once again our American producers deliver a marvellously marbled beef product. A sensationally flavoursome and textured cut.
    weight: 2.8kg
    Price: £79.95
  • USDA Brisket (Kansas Ranch)

    USDA Brisket (Kansas Ranch)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | The USDA name carries it's own reputation these briskets are no exception. Brilliantly marbled, juicy and textured once cooked.
    weight: 5.2kg
    Price: £89.95
  • Large USDA Sirloin (Creekstone Farms)

    Large USDA Sirloin (Creekstone Farms)

    Our USDA herd are fed high quality corn which means you get beautiful marbling and outstanding flavours. Perfect for frying, grilling or roasting.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £129.00
  • USDA Fillet

    USDA PRIME Beef Fillet (Creekstone Farms)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | Marvellously marbled and textured, this USDA Beef Fillet is a show stopper. Be prepared for exceptional beef like no other.
    weight: 1.8kg

    Price: £199.00

    Now: £149.00

  • USDA Sirloin

    USDA Sirloin XL (Creekstone Farms)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | This USDA Sirloin is served in the finest steakhouses across the world.
    weight: 5kg
    Price: £249.00
  • usda ribeye x 2

    USDA Ribeye XL (Creekstone Farms)

    A Tom Hixson Exclusive | This USDA certified beef Ribeye is from hand selected Black Angus Cattle. The herd are fed a high quality corn based diet which equates to well-marbled, very tender and simply exquisite beef.
    weight: 5.5kg
    Price: £389.00
  • American Wagyu Ribeye (Snake River Farms)

    American Wagyu Ribeye (Snake River Farms)

    This Snake River Farms whole ribeye is our largest and most exclusive cut of beef in the range. Hand-cut into 2 or 3 inch ribeye steaks or roast the entire roll for a feast of epic proportions.
    weight: 6.5kg
    Price: £599.00
  • American Wagyu Picanha (Snake River Farms)

    American Wagyu Picanha (Snake River Farms)

    The Snake River Farms picanha has intense marbling of American Wagyu which creates an exceptional eating experience. Roast whole or cut thick slices against the grain to make outstanding steaks.
    weight: 1.4kg
    Price: £129.00

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