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America and beef go hand in hand with steak roaring on an open charcoal grill often springing to mind. The sights and sounds of the US restaurant scene are also iconic. These are encapsulated by this bustling scene from one of New York's finest steakhouses. Our farming partners' produce is the culmination of years of skill, experience and passion. In addition, the USDA grading guarantees an outstanding quality.


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  • USDA Sirloin

    HALF USDA Beef Sirloin

    A heavyweight of beef product, these marvellously marbled USDA Sirloin pack knock out punches in terms of texture, tender and flavour.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £129.00
  • usda ribeye x 2

    HALF USDA Beef Ribeye

    USDA has a exquisite and distinctive flavour - expect perfectly marbled beef which will not disappoint
    weight: 2.6kg
    Price: £179.00
  • USDA Chateaubriand (Black Angus)

    USDA Chateaubriand (Black Angus)

    This very special USDA Black Angus Chateaubriand is guaranteed to impress everyone at the dinner table. Enjoy this show stopping cut today.
    weight: 1.2kg

    Price: £99.00

    Now: £59.00

  • American Wagyu Brisket

    American Wagyu Brisket

    For the BBQ of all BBQ's look no further than this famous Snake River Farm American Wagyu Brisket.
    weight: 7kg

    Price: £349.00

    Now: £249.00

  • American Wagyu Ribeye

    American Wagyu Ribeye

    We have sourced some of the finest American Wagyu beef on the planet, and this ribeye is something to behold.
    weight: 6.5kg
    Price: £899.00
  • American Wagyu Sirloin

    American Wagyu Sirloin

    Another excellent product part of our American Wagyu range
    weight: 6kg
    Price: £699.00
  • Smoker's Box | Summer Edition (SAVE £30)

    Smoker's Box | Summer Edition (SAVE £30)

    Boston Butt - 4.5kg
    12 Marrow Burgers 1.72kg
    Angus Brisket 4.5kg
    Iberico Spare Ribs - 1.7kg
    Baby Back Loin Ribs - 1.2kg

    weight: 13.62kg
    Price: £139.00
  • USDA Beef Burgers (10)

    USDA Beef Burgers (10)

    10 x 6oz burgers made of delicious, juicy and flavoursome USDA beef.
    weight: 1.7kg
    Price: £42.95
  • USDA Beef Short Ribs

    USDA Beef Short Ribs

    American ribs and marbling of epic proportion. Full of exceptional flavours.
    weight: 2.8kg
    Price: £79.95
  • USDA Silver Flat

    USDA Beef Silver Flats

    Another American beauty. Trimmed of excess fat and perfectly marbled. This product delivers extraordinary flavours and texture.
    price per serving: £3.15 weight: 6kg
    Price: £62.90
  • USDA Rumpheart

    USDA Beef Rump Heart

    Once again our American producers deliver a marvellously marbled beef product. A sensationally flavoursome and textured cut.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £79.95
  • USDA Fillet

    USDA Beef Fillet

    Marvellously marbled and textured, this USDA Beef Fillet is a show stopper. A delicate produce therefore only a small amount of dry heat cooking is necessary to prepare this cut.
    weight: 1.8kg

    Price: £249.00

    Now: £149.00


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