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Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu (translated as Japanese cow) beef is one of, if not, the most sought after brand of beef worldwide. Wagyu beef is known for its legendary marbling results in some of the most succulent and flavoursome beef steak cuts about making it sit comfortably amongst the gold standard of beef. Originating from Japan but now reared around the world, these cows are genetically predisposed to produce premium quality beef marbling few other breeds can match.


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  • Australian Brisket

    Large Australian Wagyu Beef Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 7kg

    Price: £299.00

    Now: £149.00

  • American Half Wagyu Sirloin

    American Half Wagyu Sirloin

    Another excellent product part of our American Wagyu range
    weight: 2kg
    Price: £349.00
  • American Half Wagyu Ribeye

    American Half Wagyu Ribeye

    We have sourced some of the finest American Wagyu beef on the planet, and this ribeye is something to behold.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £399.00
  • American Wagyu Picanha

    American Wagyu Picanha

    Part of our American Wagyu range from our friends across the pond at snake river farm.
    weight: 1.3kg
    Price: £120.00
  • American Wagyu Brisket

    American Wagyu Brisket

    You'll never have a BBQ Quite like it. Try our new American Wagyu Brisket.
    price per serving: £6.20 weight: 6kg
    Price: £259.00
  • American Wagyu Ribeye

    American Wagyu Ribeye

    We have sourced some of the finest American Wagyu beef on the planet, and this ribeye is something to behold.
    weight: 6.5kg
    Price: £849.00
  • American Wagyu Sirloin

    American Wagyu Sirloin

    Another excellent product part of our American Wagyu range
    weight: 6kg
    Price: £749.00
  • Wagyu Beef Picanha

    Wagyu Beef Picanha

    A firm favourite amongst many, this is a truly delicious and flavoursome cut of beef.
    weight: 1.6kg
    Price: £95.00
  • Wagyu Chateaubriand

    Wagyu Chateaubriand

    Our delicious and impressive Wagyu Chateaubriand is the perfect centrepiece for a special dining event. Enjoy with family and friends today!
    weight: 2.7kg
    Price: £185.00
  • Ultimate Meat Box

    Ultimate Meat Box

    Iberico Collar- 2.0kg

    Iberico Spare RIbs- 1.6kg

    USDA Short Ribs- 4.5kg

    USDA Burgers- 12 x 200g 

    Wagyu Burgers- 12 x 200g 

    Wagyu Ribeye- 1.9kg

    price per serving: £11.22 weight: 14.8kg
    Price: £449.00
  • Deluxe BBQ Box

    Deluxe BBQ Box

    Iberico Collar- 2.0kg
    Iberico Spare Ribs- 1.6kg
    USDA Short Ribs- 4.5kg
    USDA Burgers- 12x200g
    Wagyu Burgers- 12x200g

    price per serving: £2.71 weight: 12.9kg
    Price: £175.00
  • Wagyu Rump Hearts

    Wagyu Rump Hearts

    The Australian Wagyu rump heart delivers a sensational combination of tenderness and flavour that has become the hallmark of wagyu beef.
    weight: 3kg
    Price: £144.00


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Buy Premium Wagyu Beef In The UK, At The Right Price From Tom Hixson

At Tom Hixson’s online butchers London, we have ensured the Wagyu beef that we stock strikes a balance between accessibility to the UK/European market and creating an affordable price whilst still maintaining that legendary quality. Subsequently, we have turned to the land Down Under and the largest Wagyu meat exporter outside of Japan, Australia, where we source our Wagyu beef products. (for more information on what is wagyu beef read here).

As with all our meat products we have sought out highly skilled producers to ensure that we are able to deliver quality beef time and time again.

Our Australian wagyu beef comes from the black Japanese beef cattle cross-bred variety that are raised on the open plains of Queensland and are given plenty of space to roam and wander to ensure they live a calm and relaxed lifestyle- this adds a tenderness to the beef as a happy, relaxed cow avoids the stress related toughness and chewiness that can be associated with cows who are not looked after.

The wagyu cattle have a predisposed genetic high volume of intramuscular fat cells, which creates a natural intense level of marbling that the wagyu steak is known for. This fat is known as a healthy fat due to its higher proportion of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats and high levels of omega 3 and 6. To bolster its health enhancing properties wagyu beef also has a higher concentration conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), 30% more than other beef cattle breeds. CLA is promoted to have anti-carcinogenic properties, utilised as a dietary aid and also beneficial for body builders in lowering body fat and increasing lean body mass.

To elevate the quality even further our skilled producers enhance the natural marbling grade within this breed of cow by giving them a rich grain-fed finish. This allows the marbling to develop further, ultimately producing an extraordinarily textured and luxuriously flavoured beef. Wagyu beef undertakes a strict testing regime and each piece of meat is graded on a beef marbling score (BMS) before being exported to the market under the wagyu term. Generally wagyu beef is identified as having a marbling grade of 4-5 (read more about wagyu and kobe beef marbling grades here).

A wagyu cut of beef is instantly recognisable as it has distinctive and clear white rivers of fat running through the beef. Furthermore, wagyu fat is “soft” and has a lower melting point than most beef so more of it melts into the meat, releasing more flavour and creating a tender “melt in the mouth” eating experience.

As wagyu beef is so highly sought after we are always searching for and looking for a variety of cuts to give you as many opportunities to take advantage of this beef. We only buy wagyu at the right price, as many cuts and varieties can be very expensive therefore making this meat inaccessible to the general public and high-end restaurants alike.

We regularly stock wagyu ribeye which, as the cut is naturally predisposed to marbling, really demonstrates the distinctive Wagyu qualities.

Another stable to our online butchers is the wagyu sirloin which as with the rib-eye is similarly suited to marbling and will also provide you with a perfect chance to see what wagyu is all about.

Both the wagyu ribeye and wagyu sirloin are available in Halal versions. All of our Halal wagyu beef is certified and a copy of the certificate can be provided on request.

Finally, we stock the highly sought after wagyu beef burgers which are a perfect entry level meat that showcases the wagyu beef quality. Our wagyu beef burgers are available in packs of 12, making our wagyu burgers ideal as treat for a luxury beef burger or for a special occasion.

When we can get wagyu meat produce priced at the right level, we also will stock; topside, American wagyu (sirloin and brisket), wagyu chateaubriand and wagyu rump hearts.  

If you fancy something different, other than buying our wagyu beef here in the UK and looking for a more traditional beef cut such as rump or sirloin check out our beef page, stocking meat from all across the globe.  We offer chilled deliver to the majority of the UK mainland (apart from some parts of Scottish Highlands) in boxes that keep the products fresh for up to 48 hours. We can get the products to you Tuesday to Saturday all within 48 hours of ordering. Collection options can also be arranged from our Smithfield Office, London please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions either email us at or call on 020 7248 3569.