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Black Label Argentine Fillet 1.2kg

Black Label Argentine Fillet 1.2kg

Butcher's Favourite Satisfaction Guaranteed Expertly Prepared


Here is a new, and special bit of Argentine beef. This cut here is the fillet, which boasts spectacular levels of tenderness because, not only is it the least worked cut of beef, but also our Argentine Producers (Rioplatense) ensure that their cattle are given the wide open Pampas Plains to roam and enjoy a tranquil relaxed lifestyle. Argentine beef can already lay claim to being one of the most flavoursome types of beef around but this cut here has an extra reason to claim this title; it is cut from Argentine Hereford & Angus cattle. When you add this preparation process to the already incredible Argentine Beef you know the finish is going to be something special.

Grill Fry Roast
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