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Boston pork Butt

Boston pork Butt

Butcher's Favourite Satisfaction Guaranteed Naturally Reared


The Boston Butt comes from the upper shoulder of the front leg, a fantastic cut of pork. Perfect for pulled pork or just on the BBQ.

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Availability: In stock

Price: £32.95
42 Serving: approx. 15 people
Price per Serving: £2.19


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Customer Reviews:

Review by Mitzy (Posted on 18/05/2015)
Perfect for large dinner parties when time is very short.

7 Customer Reviews

Score Date Customer Comments
04, Jan 2017 The best pulled pork ever from this cut.\n
03, Jan 2017 superb value and quality
03, Jan 2017 lovely quality piece of meet, will be buying again!
02, Jan 2017 Used for a long, slow smoke in my kamado grill for my brother's 40th birthday party and it was perfect! Moist, delicious - the hit of the party buffet.
02, Jan 2017 Weight was 1.4kg less that ordered, met quality looks fine.
16, Jul 2016 9 hrs in the smoker, pulled to perfection. Awesome quality
16, Jul 2016 Bought this for my first attempt at pulled pork on the Weber. Took longer than I expected, but was really good in the end. The cut of meat has a good amount of fat running through it, keeping the pulled pork moist and tasty.

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