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Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

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Another addition to our already marvellous, flavoursome, tender Canadian beef range. We have established a working relationship with a fantastic canadian supplier who provide beef with unparalleled taste and tenderness as a result of meticulous care and feeding.

From our suppliers at Heritage Angus Beef, the premium beef is produced from hand picked cattle that graze on the finest grasses and fodders on select feeds. With a passion for agriculture that comes from Canadian Ranching families, Heritage Angus Beef is made from ranch-raised beef that exceeds expectations in its flavour, tenderness and quality.

The rump heart as a cut is versatile and can be used as a roasting joint, cut into steaks or pot roasted. Embracing time honoured traditional values from all of their ranching families, Heritage Angus Beef is legendary Angus Beef that you can trust and savour.

Grill Fry Roast Pot Roast
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