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Canadian Short Ribs (Heritage Angus)

Canadian Short Ribs (Heritage Angus)

Expertly Prepared Hereford Certified Award Winning Naturally Reared


Our farming partners at Heritage Angus Beef are a group of Western Canadian Ranching families who produce real Angus Beef the old fashioned way and the natural way - the Heritage Angus way.

How they work is how they live. Close to the land, in harmony with nature, connected to the highest quality standards possible. Hand picked and hand raised - thanks to superior genetics, healthy environmental and growing conditions and industry support, Canadian Angus cattle are the number one registered breed in Canada.

These Canadian short ribs are simply exquisite and perfect for the low and slow method. This melt in your mouth beef will fall straight off the bone. Contains 2 racks.

This product will be dispatched frozen, once defrosted you will not be able to re-freeze.

Grill Marinate & Grill Braise
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