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  • THE MARYLEBONE  | Save £100

    THE MARYLEBONE | Save £100

    The Marylebone meat hamper is the turkey alternative. A selection of some of our favourite exclusive meats and something different to the Christmas norm!

    Each box includes:

    Argentine Sirloin

    Salt Moss Aged Lamb Loin

    Iberico Pork French Trim Rack

    weight: 6kg
    Price: £149.00
  • THE REGENT  | Save £50

    THE REGENT | Save £50

    The Regent is our deluxe hamper including everything you need for the most luxurious Christmas feast.

    Each box includes:

    Turkey Butterfly | USDA Chateaubriand | Horseshoe Gammon Unsmoked | Pigs in Blankets | Brussels Pate | Free Range Goose Fat | Smoked Salmon

    weight: 15.3kg
    Price: £180.00
  • THE CARNABY  | Save £20

    THE CARNABY | Save £20

    The Carnaby is for those who enjoy more than just the Turkey on Christmas day!

    Each box includes:

    A Turkey Butterfly

    Rolled Beef Topside

    Pigs in Blankets

    weight: 9.9kg
    Price: £100.00
  • THE PICCADILLY  | Save £10

    THE PICCADILLY | Save £10

    The Piccadily is comprised of exclusive and delicious Halal meat for the holiday season.

    Each box includes:

    Halal Turkey Butterfly

    Halal Black Label Argentine Ribeye

    weight: 8kg
    Price: £139.00