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  • Free Range Goose Fat

    Free Range Goose Fat

    Our delicious french goose fat is the ideal accompaniment for Christmas dinner.

    Serving suggestion | Roast Potatoes cooked in Goose Fat.

    weight: 0.32kg
    Price: £5.95
  • French Brie

    French Brie

    Our Brie is a stunning product. Delivering smooth, luscious taste and texture.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £9.95
  • Brussels Pate

    Brussels Pate

    Our Brussels Pate has a rich, indulgent texture and flavour.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £14.95
  • Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon

    Stunning Smoked Salmon delivering incredible flavours and texture. Pre sliced laterally.
    weight: 0.45kg
    Price: £17.95
  • French Goat Log

    French Goat Log

    Our French Goat Log offers up an abundance of profound flavours.

    Serving suggestion | Goats cheese with Walnuts

    weight: 1kg
    Price: £19.95
  • British Mature Cheddar

    British Mature Cheddar

    A brilliant sandwich filler, our British Mature Cheddar offers a strong, pronounced flavours.
    weight: 2.4kg
    Price: £29.95