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Mozzarella Cheese

Expertly crafted by cheese makers our mozzarella offers up a fresh and delicate taste. These delightful flavours work alongside a delightfully springy texture. Order online today and try our award winning Italian and Danish mozzarella cheese. Delivering incredible quality at wholesale prices.


  • Danish Mozarella Block

    Danish Mozzarella Block

    A mild white cheese with an understated flavour and supple texture. Perfect for pizzas.
    price per serving: £1.45 weight: 2.3kg
    Price: £14.50
  • Mozarella Ball

    ITA Mozzarella Balls

    Our Italian Mozzarella Balls have a delicious spingy texture and delicate flavour.
    price per serving: £0.85 weight: 0.2kg
    Price: £1.70