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All That Is Deli

Our deli product range is a variety of carefully crafted produce from your deli style cut meats to your more accompaniment products sourced from Europe and as far as South America. Why not experience some of our Argentine deli cuisine with our Medium Fry Empanadas which make the perfect pastry case for any meaty or vegetable filling, we also provide a Large Fry Empanadas option if you’re looking to provide a larger portion.


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  • Toscana Mediterranean Sausages

    Toscana Mediterranean Sausages

    New to our Artisan sausage range this Toscana Mediterranean sausage is comprised of only natural ingredients. The pork is selected from prime Spanish pigs, seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and finally cured for a few days.This will arrive to you frozen to lock in the flavour for longer.
    weight: 0.9kg
    Price: £12.95
  • Argentine Style Criollo Sausages

    Argentine Style Criollo Sausages

    New to our Artisan sausage range the Criollo (chorizo) sausage is an Argentine classic. With a mix of ground pork, seasoning, spices and bacon you can expert a strong full flavour, perfect for grilling, frying or roasting. A must try for all lovers of authentic Argentine cuisine!
    weight: 0.9kg
    Price: £12.95
  • Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil

    Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil

    A world renowned producer, whose traditional and artisan methods create a product of unparalleled flavour and texture.
    weight: 0.11kg
    Price: £4.95
  • Black Pudding stick

    Black Pudding stick

    These delicious black pudding sticks are a must have for any hearty English Breakfast.
    weight: 1.36kg
    Price: £5.95
  • Brussels Pate

    Brussels Pate

    Our Brussels Pate has a rich, indulgent texture and flavour.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £14.95
  • Argentine Chorizo Sausage

    Argentine Gaucho Pork & Beef Sausages

    Full of intense, rich flavours our Argentine Chorizo Sausages are perfect for grilling.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £10.95
  • Marrow Butter

    Marrow Butter

    Used by our restaurant clientèle to complement steaks, our Marrow Butter possesses a host of wonderful flavours.
    weight: 0.2kg
    Price: £8.95
  • Napoli Salami

    Napoli Salami

    A combination of primal pork, herbs and spices delivers sublime flavours.
    weight: 1.1kg
    Price: £29.95
  • Milano Salami

    Milano Salami

    A mixture beef and pork delivers distinct, enticing flavours.
    weight: 2.3kg
    Price: £49.95
  • Pancetta


    Simple, traditional methods produce pronounced flavours within our Italian Pancetta.
    weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £39.95
  • Parma Ham

    Parma Ham

    Our Italian Parma Ham of full of rich, pronounced flavours. Expertly cured.
    weight: 0.5kg
    Price: £12.95
  • Chorizo Link Sausage

    Chorizo Link Sausages

    Illuminates any meal with excellent flavours. Ideal for an authentic Spanish paella.
    weight: 2.4kg
    Price: £24.95


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Our Deli Meat Range

Our online deli meat range consists of Smoked Salmon,smoked over oak and beech chippings in our red brick kilns dating back to 1857, offering an abundance of juicy texture making the perfect addition for your smoked salmon appetizer when brunch is concerned. We also cater for the start of your day with our award winning Black Pudding Stick, which deserves a mention, has won the Great Taste Gold Award in both 2012 and 2014 making it an essential deli meat to add to your breakfast.

Tom Hixson master butchers offers a diverse range of deli options for any caliber of buffet menu, offering ideal sandwich options such as our Spanish Charizo Stick made up of the finest blended pork with a garlic & herb finish. If a bit Spanish flair doesn’t take your fancy, then why not take a look at our Napoli and Milano salami options from Italy? These pair of deli meats differentiate themselves with their grain consistency, Napoli Salami is made up of a fine grain of primal pork cuts with a gentle smoked finish, while your Milano Salami is made up of an extremely fine grain of both beef and pork cuts, resulting in a balanced but pronounced flavour finish. Salami meat offers the perfect meaty texture if you’re looking to prepare a spicy pasta dish with a bit of fuel to its fire.

If you’re looking to buy deli meat in bulk then look no further, why not try our British cuisine of traditional pork ham? Naturally reared and oozing with succulent flavours our Traditional Pork Ham Joint is boneless, making it easy to slice for any busy brunch service. This 2.6kg ham joint comes in a 7kg option serving approximately 25 people if you’re a restaurant looking to stock up. Using heighten techniques to insulate the natural moisture of the meat provides a tender juicy cut with each serving, we also incorporate this method into our 0.45kg of Sliced Traditional Pork Ham if you’re looking for a taster of what our larger ham meats has to bring to the table.

Other Deli Products We Stock

Now that’s enough of our deli meat range, let’s talk deli commodities. Our Bone Marrow Butter Stick offers the perfect addition to any steak dish, an enhancement of delicious flavours combined with excellent nutritional value offers the key ingredient for your mash potatoes for any Sunday roast. If you’re looking for roast potato option however then you will need to get your hands on our delicious French Goose Fat which provides a nice finishing touch to your Sunday roast dinner

If you’re interested in our deli range and want to make a purchase then please don’t hesitate, you will not be disappointed. We offer a 48-hour chilled delivery service for all our products to the majority of the UK main land (apart from some parts of the Scottish Highlands). We aim to delivery you’re order within 48 hours, Collection options can also be arranged from our Smithfield office in London, please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions, contact us at or call on 020 7248 3569.