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Spanish Delicatessen

With rich colours and pronounced flavours, our Spanish range is a result of diverse range of cultures and regions which make up the country. Sourced from the finest producers of the country has to offer. Get wholesale value for the finest Spanish deli produce. Order online today.


  • Compango Asturiano

    Compango Asturiano

    A selection of Chorizo, Bacon and Morcilla (blood sausage). The vital ingredients for the famous fabada asturiana stew.
    weight: 0.25kg
    Price: £4.95
  • Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil

    Ortiz White Tuna in Olive Oil

    A world renowned producer, whose traditional and artisan methods create a product of unparalleled flavour and texture.
    weight: 0.11kg
    Price: £4.95
  • Chorizo Link Sausages

    Chorizo Link Sausages

    Illuminates any meal with excellent flavours. Ideal for an authentic Spanish paella.
    weight: 2.4kg
    Price: £24.95