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  • Argentine Style Criollo Sausages

    Argentine Style Criollo Sausages

    New to our Artisan sausage range the Criollo (chorizo) sausage is an Argentine classic. With a mix of ground pork, seasoning, spices and bacon you can expert a strong full flavour, perfect for grilling, frying or roasting. A must try for all lovers of authentic Argentine cuisine!
    weight: 1.1kg

    Price: £14.95

    Now: £9.95

  • Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack

    Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack

    Our Pork Ribs are French trimmed by our master butchers. Delivering extraordinary flavours and texture. This product is frozen to lock in flavours for longer.
    weight: 2kg

    Price: £59.95

    Now: £49.95