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Meat Range

Meat Range

Have a look at some of the more exocitc sources of meat we have for you here. We like to give our customers the opporutnity to stray from the norm and try meat that is not considered traditional or has something a little bit quirky about it. There are certainly some treasures out there for you to discover with the possibilities almost endless. 


  • Iberico Pork Collar

    Iberico Pork Collar

    A versatile cut, sourced from the Iberico breed, which elevates it's marbling, taste and succulence.
    weight: 1.2kg
    Price: £39.95
  • Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack

    Iberico Pork French Trimmed Rack

    Our Pork Ribs are French trimmed by our master butchers. Delivering extraordinary flavours and texture.
    weight: 2kg

    Price: £59.95

    Now: £49.95

  • Iberico Loin Ribs

    Iberico Loin Ribs

    A succulent and lean cut of pork from the incredible Spanish Iberico breed pig.
    weight: 0.8kg
    Price: £24.95