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Family Box

Family Box

Butcher's Favourite Satisfaction Guaranteed Expertly Prepared


Great Value family meat box, save money on your weekly shop with this extraordinary offer;
• 5Kg Chicken Fillet
• 2.5Kg Mince Beef
• 0.86Kg Marrow Butter Burger
• 1.5Kg Cumberland Traditional Sausages

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Availability: In stock

Price: £60.00

Price per Serving: £1.20


Customer Reviews:

Review by Tiny bean (Posted on 10/01/2015)
The chicken is excellent, such high quality. The sausages are good, great flavour but I'd prefer less binder in the recipe. The beef is as I expected, ridicouly fresh and superb in taste. Excellent value for money! Not buying my meat from the supermarket again

1 Customer Reviews

Score Date Customer Comments
03, Jan 2017 All meats were of excellent quality and taste.

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