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Black Label Argentine Ribeye
Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Breed: Angus & Hereford
Weight: 2.7kg (Total)
Diet: Grass Fed
RRP: £94.95
Notes: A triumph from the producers of Argentina. Delivering sublime taste, texture and tenderness and the intense dry aged flavours.

Iberico Boneless Lamb Leg
Origin: Agnei, Spain
Breed: Iberico
Weight: 1.1kg (Total)
Diet: Breast milk and an exclusive mix of cereals, which are dominated by corn and high oleic sunflower seeds
RRP: £39.95
Notes: Agnei Ibérico is a lamb meat of superior quality that comes from animals of a thousand-year-old race, originally from the region of Aragon at the foot of the Pyrenees, where it grows without stress in a relaxed environment to enhance its innate qualities. This boneless lamb leg has has a delicious juicy taste and tender texture, delicious when roasted. This product is frozen to lock in flavour for longer.

Iberico Pork Ribeye Steaks
Origin: Dehesa, Spain
Breed: Iberico
Weight: 0.8kg (Total)
Diet: Acorn
RRP: £29.95
Notes: The Iberico pigs naturally feed off the plentiful supply of acorns which is what create the rich and unique taste of this special meat. The ribeye itself is similar to a boneless pork chop, but carries greater flavour and texture. A foodie must try! This product is frozen to lock in flavours for longer. You will receive 6 individual steaks.

Barbary Duck Breasts
Breed: Barbary Duck
Weight: 0.8kg (Total)
RRP: £21.90
Notes: Our free- range Barbary ducks are reared naturally. They have been expertly prepared and the produce is extremely succulent and full of distinct flavours. You will receive 4 individual breasts.

Whole corn-fed Chicken
Weight: 0.8kg (Total)
Diet: High quality corn
RRP: £9.95
Notes: The golden colour and succulent flavour of our Corn Fed Chicken is a result of their specialised corn diet. Perfect when roasted as the juiciness and luscious flavours will develop within the meat creating a much loved and delicious dish.

Grill Roast Braise
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