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Austin Texas Formula 1 Feast!

Austin Texas Formula 1 Feast!

Monday, 17 October 2016 19:17:51 Europe/London

This weekend Austin,Texas hosts one of the last F1 races of the season at the Circuit of The Americas. A crucial race for leader Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton who currently sits in second, these two will battle it out to get ever closer to winning the title for Mercedes. The Circuit of The Americas is 3.427 miles long, consists of 20 tricky turns and has the fastest lap record of 1:39.347 by Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull in 2012 – not a course for the faint hearted! F1 fan or not there is something else we certainly have in common with Texas and that is our love of meat, a tedious link I think not!

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Texans claim their BBQ skills far exceed any other states. They have perfected the art and can smoke any meat like no other! We're not worthy Texan friends and to follow in your foot steps this weekend we will be watching the F1 with our feet up and tucking into some of our favourite meats in true Texan style from our smokin' hot Tom Hixson smoker's BBQ box!

So what's in this delicious box of goodies? 

Our mouth-watering Boston Pork Butt - 5.2kg, USDA Beef Brisket - 6kg, Iberico Pork Spare Ribs - 1.45kg and last but not least our infamous St. Louis Ribs - 4.6kg

All of this for just £122, that's over 40 servings so why not create a Texan F1 feast of your own this weekend!

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Tom Rutherford

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