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Tom Hixson x Country Wood Smoke

Tom Hixson x Country Wood Smoke

Tuesday, 9 January 2018 09:15:20 Europe/London

If there was ever a time to show your dedication to a cause this was it. Our friends at Country Wood Smoke braved the wet and cold to smoke up a hearty feast with our finest Black Angus Argentine beef rump heart. They served with chimichurri and completed the Argentine theme with a glass of Malbec, what else?! From Argentine Hereford and Angus cattle these cows roam the Pampas Plains on a grass fed diet thus ensuring the finest of texture and distinctive flavour.  For many this is an unfamilar cut and for Country Wood Smoke this too was the first time they tried it. Check out how they did it below and why you must give it a try if you haven’t already - this is a real feast for the eyes!

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My journey back into eating meat has seen me learning about many new curves, it’s been about 9 years since I started eating meat after being a vegetarian for 14 years. I’m always looking to try new and less common cuts, especially beef, I’ve turned into a bit of a beef nerd if I’m honest. One cut that I haven’t tried is Rump Heart, I’m a big fan already of rump cap (Picanha), and rump tail (Tri-Tip), but buried deep in the centre of the rump muscle is the tender Rump Heart.

I wanted to go for a simple Asado style of cook, not too hot, but with a little smoke, and a gentle direct heat to give a nice smoky crust to the outside.

CWS rump heart uncooked

As you can see it’s a pretty substantial cut, with some nice marbelling, and a lovely heart shape. I went simple for seasoning and opted for a mix of freshly ground five pepper mix and coarse sea salt, which I have found previously works a treat. Go generous with the seasoning and cover the beef liberally.

I then set up a kettle grill for indirect cooking, 180c with good quality lumpwood charcoal and a chunk of olive wood for a gentle smoke. After 20 minutes I turned the beef over for another 20 mins.

When the thickest part had reached 48 deg C I moved the rump heart over the direct charcoal for a few minutes to give a little added char.

I then allowed the beef to rest for 20 minutes.  Wonderful sliced thickly and enjoying with some chimichurri and a nice glass of Malbec.

The beef was well flavoured grass fed, lovely and juicy and worked well with the smoke, really glad I tried this, and you should too!


cws rump heart uncooked

To check out the amazing youtube video by Country Wood Smoke click here 

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Tom Rutherford

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