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The Breakfast Debate - part 2

The Breakfast Debate - part 2

Tuesday, 2 August 2016 11:07:31 Europe/London

The Breakfast debate continues and this week we discuss part 2 Sausages vs. Bacon. Now you might think putting these two head to head is a little harsh, after all what is an English Breakfast without the sausage and bacon? Surely they are the fundamentals which make the dish what it is? Today’s debate isn’t so much a case of eliminating one off the plate altogether, the more meat the better, right? But what if you had to say you like one more? Which would it be and why?


Or what about if you had to choose more bacon or more sausage with your breakfast which would you opt for and why? A few years ago a couple of members from the Hixson family were diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease (no wheat or gluten!). As we began to learn more about the disease we realised we wouldn’t be able to eat most sausages – heart breaking I know! Once learning this it didn’t take long for Tim Hixson to start developing Sally’s Sizzlers, a range of delicious gluten free sausages with a minimum of 95% meat content. So the coeliac’s (I am one too) were extremely happy again knowing that sausages were back on the menu and were more meaty and delicious than ever! Maybe the absence of them, in my diet for a while, is a big contributing factor to why I choose sausage over bacon.



I recently had a group of friends come over for breakfast and we debated this hot topic! 

There was a real divided opinion and some valid arguments made for both sides. One comment was that the smell of bacon is one of the best smells around, nothing beats it! One up for bacon. I would tend to agree the smell is fantastic and probably better than sausages but surely it can’t be based purely on smell?!? Another was bacon because the best part of an English breakfast was when its put it in a bit of buttered bread, with brown sauce and made into a bacon sarnie – who can argue with that? Sausages blend better with the other ingredients on the plate, plus sausages are more meaty and substantial, cried a fellow breakfast eater clearly in the corner for the sausage team. Sausages because if bacon isn’t cooked the way you like it, it can ruin the English breakfast altogether whereas sausages come cooked only one way. A left over sausage in the fridge always taste better than bacon and for that reason the sausage got another vote. One friend finally added that it was an unfair question to ask and it was insulting to make them choose – sorry!

So a bit of a divided camp it would seem, I know which side I am on but what do you think?

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- Sally Hixson

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Tom Rutherford

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