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Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed

Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed

Monday, 9 June 2014 16:03:29 Europe/London

At the start of their lives, all our cattle are fed in open grassy pastures. After six months, though, the grain fed cattle will be split off and are reared prominently in feeding lots containing rich grains. This variation in upbringing creates different qualities within the beef.

Grass Fed

Reared throughout their lives on grasslands, our grass fed cattle have a natural flavour and a lean finish. The beef is highly nutritious, being especially abundant in omega 3 and 6. It has little fat coverage, therefore, you have to be careful when cooking it as it is easier to become chewy and dry as there is little fat to protect the meat.

Grain Fed

A grain fed finish leaves marbling throughout the meat. The beef is still very nutritious and the fat coverage creates rich. intense flavours. Also in terms of cooking, the marbling within the grain fed cuts can soak up any seasoning. In contrast to grass fed, the beef will remain tender for longer when cooking as the fat acts as a protection. 

Both finishes produce exquisite beef with many desirable qualities, our selection process guarantees this. Ultimately it is down to your own preferences which one you go for. Shop our range of beef cuts for grass fed and grain fed alternatives.

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