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Hereford Vs Aberdeen Angus

Hereford Vs Aberdeen Angus

Friday, 22 April 2016 12:19:46 Europe/London

St Georges day is around the corner so we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate some classic British beef. Use them in a beef wellington, make your classic Sunday roast, or fire up the Barbeque (almost certainly in the rain in true British style!!!); they will certainly be a hit and provide you with a wonderful meal.  

But which type of beef should you go for? Among British beef you need look no further than at the Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds and, given the fact these two breeds provide the centre pieces to our new Best of British Meat Box, we thought we would give a little outline of two of the greatest breeds of cow in the world. Both claims to be the most popular and tastiest beef in the country if not the world so why grab yourself one of our brand new Best of British box for the chance to have a taste and see which side you come down on.  

Aberdeen Angus:

The term Angus beef is thrown around a lot but it refers to the breed of cow that the beef has originated from. Aberdeen Angus beef is a breed that, unsurprisingly, originated from Aberdeenshire and Angus in Scotland. The cow is either completely black or completely red and has been exported and is now bred in a large variety of countries including Argentina, the USA and Australia. In the US, this distinct colouring has given rise to two different brands of Black Angus and Red Angus. It is certainly well loved and highly popular around the world and with good reason.  A key factor contributing towards this popularity for this is the natural marbling of the fat through the beef which helps ensure a wonderful flavour is maintained during the cooking process and that the meat remains tender and succulently moist. If you add to this the docile nature of the Aberdeen Angus cows and the free open lifestyle it leads it results in the breed achieving a level tenderness few other beefs can boast.


Hereford beef is a breed truly loved internationally but can trace its roots back to Herefordshire in the UK. Highly popular and now existing in over 50 countries this hardy cow has shown it is a versatile beast. Easily identified with its distinct red or black coat and white face, Hereford fans rave about its succulence and tenderness being its’ distinguishing features and will exclaim how it elevates the beef to a different level. The natural grazing and reduced stress serves to really enhance these attributes as does the aforementioned hardiness of the cow as they adapt to all weather (particularly useful in the UK!!). Hereford beef also has a natural marbling that, as with the Aberdeen Angus, helps ensure tenderness, flavour and succulence.

What we think:

Both types of beef are, undeniably, sensational and offer a distinct flavour that will be highly enjoyable. But our opinion here is that to make a blanket statement coming down on one side is too strong a stance to take; as with many of these things it comes down to personal preference and the sort of finish you enjoy when it comes to beef. Having said that, this particular author finds it very difficult to turn down an Aberdeen Angus ribeye under any circumstances!!!

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Charlie Johnson

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