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Tom Hixson Family Box

Tom Hixson Family Box

Sunday, 25 September 2016 10:19:58 Europe/London

Cooking 7 times a week is so easy – said no one ever… Well maybe with the exception of Nigella but for the rest of us varying tastes, time restraints and lack of inspiration can make it hard to always give your family something they will enjoy. 

We want to make life a little bit easier for you which is why we have put together the Tom Hixson family box. Full of guaranteed favourites we are confident it won't disappoint anybody around the table! Once more our award winning family box comes in generous wholesale sizes and if that doesn't take enough persuading it is satisfaction guaranteed, expertly prepared and is listed as our Butchers favourite! Oh and let’s not forget it will all be delivered fresh to your front door!

Now for the line-up...

• 5Kg Chicken Fillet (approx 20 portions)

Unrivalled in juiciness, tastiness and succulence, our chicken breasts are lean and naturally rich in protein. No salt or water is added to ensure each skinless fillet, once cooked, does not shrink and remains deliciously meaty. They have even scored 5/5 from our customers. 

'Can't bare supermarket chicken breasts, never have much flavour, texture is watery and colour doesn't appear natural. These fellas however are great, however you cook them. Tender, full of flavour and huge portion to boot. Great value for money too!'

Chicken Breast Graphic

• 2.5Kg Mince Beef (approx 10 portions)

Our Beef Mince has been expertly prepared by our master butchers. They carefully selected the finest, naturally reared primal cuts from our select breeds. A product with a very high meat content. It has an abundance of enticing, delightful flavours along with a stunning texture. Again it's got our customer seal of approval with 5/5 - 'superb mince'


Image result for chilli con carne

• 0.86Kg Marrow Butter Burgers (5 portions)

These 28 day dry aged beef burgers made with marrow butter are like no other burger you would have tasted and have guaranteed wow factor! These will be a firm favourite that your family will thank you for!


The Classical Beef Burger

• 1.5Kg Cumberland Traditional Sausage (approx 10 portions)

Using  cuts of naturally reared British pork are lightly seasoned then blended with herbs and spices to give you an award winning taste, you are gonna’ love them! As have our customers before scoring them 5/5 'These are truly excellent sausages!'

Image result for bangers and mash

 All of the above is yours for just £60 (saving you £15)

We hope this has got you inspired from sausages and mash to cottage pie and chicken stroganoff  to burgers with sweet potatoes fries the meal options are endless!

There is no time to waste, buy now and delight your family with these truly delicious dinner time favourites!

Don't forget to tag us what you've been cooking on Twitter @tomhixsonmeat and Instagram @tomhixsonmeatlondon 


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Tom Rutherford

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