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Unmissable USDA Sirloin offer

Unmissable USDA Sirloin offer

Friday, 12 June 2015 18:59:39 Europe/London

We are proud to offer all of our customers who have had their keen eyes laid on our USDA Beef Sirloin, at a price just as sensational as the flavour!!

This beautiful sirloin is really second to none in taste, if you are curious about USDA we will tell you why they are a must have for any dinner plate.

The brilliant taste and flavour of our American beef is a result of select breeds being reared in the right conditions. While living freely on open ranches, cattle are fed on the natural grasses found on the central and western plains of the United States.

What distinguineshes USDA meat from British is the final stage of the cattles life being fed grain which ensures tenderness, moisture and beautfitul marbleing throughout the meat.

If you havent tried it already, you better see what you are missing out on!

And if you already love USDA, we know you wil in love with this new price now too.

Order from our UK online butchers today and taste our famous USDA beef steaks. Available to you at sensational, wholesale prices.

USDA sirloin


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george hixson

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