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Introduction to Uruguayan Beef

Introduction to Uruguayan Beef

Friday, 29 April 2016 12:10:20 Europe/London

Uruguayan meat blog

With our two new Uruguayan inspired meat boxes now available (the Uruguayan Meat Feast Box- perfect for a taster- and the Ultimate Uruguayan Box- which will give you a huge range of products) we thought it would be a good opportunity to give you a little bit of information about Uruguayan meat, and what makes it special.

Heavy Weights of South American Beef?

Uruguay itself is often not the first, or perhaps even the second county you think of when you think about South American meat with Argentina and perhaps Brazil piping them to the post. But you have to question whether this should be the case as Uruguay has a rich history to beef with it being central to the country and society. In fact, the cattle population dwarfs that of the people who are outnumbered 4 to 1; this demonstrates just how big the Uruguayan beef industry is- some have even gone as far to describe the county as one big farm.

So it may not come as such a surprise to hear that the Uruguayan meat market is an industry leader in many ways. For example, they were the first country to have a completely computerised tracking system for their cows. Born from the fear of foot and mouth disease, this was institutionalised and became a world first- it is certainly quite a site to see the Uruguayan gaucho’s following the traditional farming methods but with laptops in hand!!! When this is combined with the generations of experience that the Uruguayan Gaucho’s possess it produces some brilliant beef.

This expertise is indicative of the Uruguayan approach to farming and it reflects in the fact that, according to some, they have recently overtaken Argentina as the highest ranking country in the world in terms of beef consumption per person.

What is special about Uruguayan Beef?

To the beef itself, the cattle are, not unlike their Argentine equivalents, raised in very natural, free environments having huge amounts of open plains to roam; the climate is mild which only enhances the relaxed lifestyle and the abundance of rivers and streams to drink from just serves to amplify this laid back existence. They are raised on a nutritious diet, free from hormones which all combines to produce wonderfully tender and succulent beef.

The lack of stress in the animal’s lifestyle produces a happy cow and a lack of tension which can help avoid issues such as chewiness or toughness; furthermore, the lifestyle serves to enhance desirable factors such as tenderness and succulence.

The cows are also given a grain-fed finish for a hundred and twenty days which results in a slightly higher fat covering. The extra fat means real juiciness and flavour seeping through the beef as it is cooked. The end result is a distinctive and delicately marbled beef.

All this is combining to see the Uruguayan beef industry only expanding with meat being exported to over 80 countries, including China where over a third of Uruguayan beef went in 2013.

So why not give Uruguayan beef a try and see for yourself just how good the beef from this ‘’big farm’’ is. 

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