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Spotlight Series: Darling Downs Australian Wagyu

Spotlight Series: Darling Downs Australian Wagyu

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 16:09:49 Europe/London

This week we take you to the otherside of the world where the sun is always shining and cattle roam the vast and lucious land of the Darling Downs region in Australia. We reveal more about our Australian farming partners who produce world famous and award winning Wagyu beef.


Established in 1824, the Australian Agricultural Company (AACO) is Australia’s largest integrated cattle and beef producer, and the oldest continuously operating company in Australia. Today, AACO expertly farm around 7 million hectares of land, which equates to around 1% of Australia’s land mass. Experts in what they do meticulous care is taken in the selection and breeding of their cattle. We proudly range one of their award winning brands Darling Downs Wagyu.


To give a little context the Darling Down's region where our Australian Wagyu beef is produced is dominated by rolling hills covered by pastures of many different species, vegetables, legumes such as soy beans and chick peas, and other crops including cotton, wheat, barley and sorghum. They have a pristine track record of environmentally sensitive land use in their ranches. 


Renowned for their consistenly delicious and the highest of quality produce they only allow for the top grading of Wagyu to reach your dinner table. They do this through a strict selection programme, a high-quality grain fed diet and a vast and luscious environment for the cattle to roam stress free.


The proof is in the pudding! Darling Downs Wagyu has been awarded for three consectutive years Australia's best steak. Due to it's textbook marbling, luscious juiciness, melt-in-the mouth tenderness and incredibly well-balanced flavours that are both delicate and robust. Find out more here


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