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Canadian Black Angus Beef is Back!

Canadian Black Angus Beef is Back!

Sunday, 26 February 2017 19:24:52 Europe/London

We are thrilled to announce that the Canadian Black Angus range is back in stock!

This extensive range of truly magnificent beef is available to buy today in sirloin, ribeye, featherblade, picanha and rump heart cuts. Find out in this weeks foodie new on what makes it so special...

Going back to where it all began the first Angus cattle arrived in Canada in the 1860s but their history stretches back to the 1500s in the countries of Aberdeenshire and Angusshine in northeast Scotland. Today, you'll find thousands of certified Canadian Angus cows grazing on close to a million acres or 400,000 hectares of rich, bio diverse grassland across western Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Each of the animals is individually hand-picked and cared for throughout their entire life.

The Canadian Black Angus Beef is produced from hand picked cattle that graze on the finest grasses. The Canadian Ranching families take pride in producing farm-raised beef that is unparalleled in its flavour, tenderness and quality. They embrace time honoured traditional values to ensure quality assurance it is beef that you can truly trust and savour.

The Western Canadian ranching family are committed to working to produce quality beef that is ecologically and economically visible. Their values reflect agricultural heritage, honesty and integrity, trust and respect and the secret to producing healthy beef is having healthy animals living off healthy land. All the Angus cattle is fed fresh, green grass and clean fresh water of the Canadian prairies. Additionally the cattle are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids. They have a balanced diet of silage and Canadian barley. By incorporating the practice of slower, methodical feeding,  it means a year round supply of fresh quality beef that consistently meets the higest of standards.

The range is now available to buy online or from us Smithfield market. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Canadian Picanha - 1.29kg £30.00

Canadian Feather blade - 2.46kg £37.00

Canadian Rump Heart - 2.6kg -£50.00

Canadian Sirloin - 5.1kg - £240.00

Canadian Ribeye - 4.5kg £250.00



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Tom Rutherford

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