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Dine in this Valentine's

Dine in this Valentine's

Sunday, 5 February 2017 22:05:36 Europe/London

This Valentine's bring restaurant quality to your home and enjoy some of our top picks with your loved one.


Our delicious smoked salmon simply served with a little lemon and black pepper is the perfect way to kick off preceding's. Something light as you have got a lot of beef on the way after all!

0.45kg (serves approx 8) Only £11 


 Next up our USDA Chateaubriand is the perfect date night dish to be shared with a nice glass or red or two! For Valentine's we have a special offer of over 30% off!

2.4kg (serves approx 10) Was £150 NOW £98


Or how about our Argetine Ribeye Steak, partner up with some chunky chips for everyone's favourite dinner treat! For Valentine's also enjoy over 30% off!

2kg (serves approx 10) Was £65.88 NOW £45

Now for dessert, create your own cheese board by shopping our deli range. From French brie and British cheddar to goats cheese - we've got it covered!


And if you've still got room for more and have a sweet tooth you have to try the ultimate indulgence... Our Argentine dulce de leche, best served with pancakes and vanilla ice cream! Be sure to tag us in your Tom Hixson

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Tom Rutherford

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