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We have an announcement to make!

We have an announcement to make!

Sunday, 21 January 2018 20:48:40 Europe/London

We have a delivery coming soon which we are extremely excited about!

For the first time we have a range of Halal Argentine beef available to buy from Tom Hixson of Smithfield.

We are teaming up with some of our favourite food bloggers who will be bringing you some fantastic ideas on how to cook this extremely special and delicious beef.

What makes Argentine beef so renouned is the care and love that goes into raising the cattle which roam on the picturesque Pampas Plains. Their healthy grass fed diet and the copius amounts of land the cattle have to roam contribute to it being lean and tender. Beef is a staple in the Argentine diet and boy do they know how to make it out of this world!

Watch this space...

To shop our existing wide range of halal product click here

We love to see what Tom Hixson delights you have been cooking up! Be sure to tag us using #tomhixsonmeat on Instagram , Twitter & Facebook 

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Tom Rutherford

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