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Happy Birthday, Tim!

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Friday, 7 October 2016 06:53:57 Europe/London

This week it's Tim Hixson's Birthday,  son of founder Tom Hixson and managing director. We interview him to find out more

about his time working at Tom Hixson's, his expert advise on meat and his top Tom Hixson meat picks to take you into Winter!

Happy Birthday Tim! 


 When did you start working at Tom Hixson?

Tom Hixson & Co started trading in September 1980 

I was there from the start working with my Father, Uncle, two brothers and financial director Alistair Burry


What are some of you earliest memories working at Tom Hixson?

 In the early days we were primarily a beef business selling beef from all round the world (mostly frozen) 

We would sell tonnes of intervention beef. We started the provisions business later in the first year


What is your all time favourite Tom Hixson meat?

In the early days we would get beef from Argentine under the Monte Grande brand. The rib eyes were magnificent. Today we

get the Argentine rio plantense brand which is its equal.


What is your go to Winter recipe?

Always our Cumberland sausages with mash potatoes and onion gravy.

 Image result for bangers and mash

How has Smithfield changed over the years?

Up until the year 2000 the market had very little refrigeration and was very much as Victorians had designed it 

It was open plan and you saw everybody who worked on the market most days. was fantastic camaraderie  and some very

funny people. Today, although the fun is still there you don't come in to contact with so many people with the design of the

individual stalls.


What are your top 3 Tom Hixson picks for Winter?

Our Argentine black label fillet for Winter roast dinners, USDA short ribs and of course cumberland sausages!

What is your favourite thing about working at Smithfield?

I love the informality of the place 

Anybody can talk to anybody. 

In a competitive market we all have our jobs to do but it is done in a friendly manner


Happy Birthday Tim!

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