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Introduction to Iberico Pork

Introduction to Iberico Pork

Thursday, 5 May 2016 15:28:49 Europe/London

Iberico pork

You may have come across or heard of Iberico pork before- perhaps in a restaurant or as a deluxe cured meat in a supermarket. But what is Iberico pork and where does it come from? Why is it so sought after and how does it achieve such high standards? These are the questions we shall answer as we give you a brief overview of what Iberico pork is and why it is so tasty.

What makes Iberico Pork different

The process of raising the Iberico pigs results in incredibly tender, almost creamy pork that has a distinct nutty flavour and aroma. Furthermore, when compared to the white pig breeds, Iberico has a number of natural advantages beyond the way they are raised and fed. Iberico pigs are much more athletic creatures that are descendants of wild boars and, as such have fat marbled throughout the muscle. This results in an intense flavour and a succulence few other breeds can rival.

What is an Iberico pig

Iberico itself refers to the breed of pig that comes from the Iberian peninsula. There are various varieties underneath this umbrella, most commonly distinguished by the colour (red or black). Nowadays there is also a distinction between Pure Iberico- where both parenting pigs are 100% Iberico and simply Iberico- where only the sow is 100% pure Iberico. Pure Iberico is, unsurprisingly, the elite brand and highly expensive; our pigs are Iberico which maintain many of the incredible qualities of Iberico but at a more accessible price.

The Lifestyle of the pig  

A key factor affecting the tenderness of the pork is the pigs’ life-style and Iberico pigs have the ideal environment. They are given wide open landscapes to pasture and roam and live in a relaxing, tranquil environment. This ensures a calm, relaxed pig which, in turn, ensures succulent and tender pork. One key reason behind this is that when an animal is stressed and full of adrenaline the muscles tense up and this will cause chewy tough meat. With Iberico pork this is not an issue and the pigs’ environment ensures the fabulous iberico pork reaches great heights when it comes to tenderness. 

What they eat

The feeding of the pigs is crucial in terms of ensuring the Iberico taste. The pigs are fed exclusively on natural feeds and forage around grazing on grass, mushrooms or whatever they can find!!! But most importantly, during the Autumnal seasons they are fed acorns or the bellota. The pigs adore these acorns and can get through as much as 10kg a day. These acorns are a crucial factor that result in the Iberico having the distinctive nutty flavour and aroma. The acorns are high in unsaturated oleic fatty acid and contribute to the creamy tenderness of the pork.

A Happy Pig

All this running around foraging for food and feasting on acorns makes for a very happy pig and further ensures the pork is tender and succulent.

Quality Control  

The process of rearing the pigs and the criteria that are necessary in order to obtain the Iberico brand, are strictly controlled and annually review by the Spanish government- this shows how seriously the Iberico pork is treated and, given how it tastes, is not surprising. So when you get Spanish Iberico pork you know it is going to be the real deal.

With all this in mind…..

Combining the natural advantages of the Iberico pigs, the environment they are reared in, the diet (especially the acorns) and the care taken to ensure their lives are stress-free all makes for sensationally tasting pork. So why not give Iberico a go and have a look at our range of products- once you do you will be wondering why you have not tried it before.


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