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Celebrate UK National Burger Day with Tom Hixson

Celebrate UK National Burger Day with Tom Hixson

Friday, 12 August 2016 14:28:13 Europe/London

It really doesn't matter what the occasion, you can’t beat a juicy beef burger. Whether you go for the traditional type; topped with melted cheese, crispy lettuce, juicy tomatoes and gherkins or if you like introducing other meats in the mix such as chorizo or bacon rashers the burger is a stable of the British menu.

Whatever your burger preference, we hope you’ll be celebrating National Burger Day UK on the 25th August 2016 and enjoying the Brutish Beef Burger in all its glory.

This event is perfectly timed to coincide with the UK August Bank Holiday weekend, National Burger Day is a chance to try something different and dedicate one of your daily meals to enjoying your ultimate beef burger.

Here at Tom Hixson’s as much as we love the classic beef burger we also know this day is more about the burger in all its forms and about how we can create burger ideas to satisfy all tastes and palates.

The main event of any burger is the filling – whether you choose a classic beef version, or perhaps you want to enhance your burger experience with prime grade USDA beef or Wagyu. If you are a vegetarian you may be fed up of the traditional frozen breadcrumb delights you are given at any burger occasion, well even if you don’t eat meat Tom Hixson’s has you covered with some great original ideas.

To get the juices flowing and mouth salivating, here is our round-up of the best burgers to create on this gloriously indulgent national holiday. Happy burger eating, everybody!

The Classic Beef Burger

 The Classical Beef Burger

When you say burger, you automatically think of a hearty, juicy beef burger in a soft bun, crisp lettuce and tomato, occasionally layered with cheese and bacon. This is the daddy of all burgers and a classic British BBQ tradition.

However, your beef burger is only as good as the beef you put into it. Butcher quality beef is a far higher standard in meat content than supermarket produce. Therefore, we recommend only using quality fresh beef for your burger that is purchased from a reputable and trusted butcher.

Not all beef is created equally, and quality differs throughout the range. If you’re willing to push the boat out and make the ultimate beef burgers why not try high-grade USDA beef burgers. These beef burgers are imported from the US and along with Wagyu are regarded as some of the best beef produce in the world. USDA beef is extremely high-grade quality beef that goes through rigorous stage testing to ensure only the best produce is available for sale. This beef although from the USA is hormone free and contains no antibiotic properties.

USDA beef burgers can only be bought online through a select number of butchers.

Another rising star in the beef burger world is bone marrow burgers. Bone marrow butter is used to create a succulent beef burger, that offers a taste and texture sensation not usually associated with beef burgers. Previously bone marrow butter was more of a secret tip used by the world’s top chefs when cooking beef steaks and products, however as its reputation has increased more and more people are becoming aware of this great way to create good tasting meat.

Once we have chosen the meat, make sure you lightly grill the bun and then it’s time to think about the toppings, which really makes a burger pop. For a traditional beef burger experience we suggest adding layers of cheese (cheddar or why not try stilton), lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins. If you’re looking for an extra meat hit why not try streaky bacon or chorizo. Finally, a large dollop of ketchup to top it off.

The Wagyu Burger

 wagyu beef burgers

As with USDA beef burgers if you’re feeling a little fancy and want to try something a little different, we’d suggest trying out the delicious Wagyu Beef, which is regarded as the highest quality beef in the world.

What is wagyu you ask? Well for those not in the know, it originally stems from Japan (Wag-meaning black and Yu meaning cow), where the breed and feeding practices ensure a high-level of fat marbling. The meat contains more fat than traditional Western beef and it’s healthier than your normal beef burgers. With more fat, comes more flavour and a “melt in your mouth” texture, so you can guarantee that our Wagyu Burgers taste absolutely divine.

Wagyu beef burgers are a little pricey but they are the in-trend luxury beef burger with many gastro pubs and restaurants now serving these dishes on their menus. This means that versions of these burgers are available to buy in the supermarkets, however as with other beef products quality differs from range to range. Wagyu beef is now available throughout the world with breeds being bred in the UK (mainly Scotland & Wales), these are usually the ones being sold in the supermarket and discount retailers. To ensure you get the highest quality grade Wagyu beef burgers and to experience the proper beef make sure you purchase from a recognised official Wagyu beef butchers.

As with the high-grade USDA beef burger, we would recommend not stuffing your burger full of fillings, as you’ll really want to experience the flavour of this beef. Add a little melted cheese and rocket to the mix with a dash of sweet chilli sauce, and enjoy all the tastes combined together to create one amazing burger experience.

The Southern Fried Chicken Burger

 Southern Fried Chicken Burger

If beef is not your thing then why not take it back to Texas with a sumptuous, breaded chicken burger. If you’re looking to the Southern States for burger inspiration, you’ll definitely need to go BIG with this creation. We recommend making your own breadcrumb chicken, by gently flattening and coating our Chicken Breast with an egg, flour and breadcrumb mix to deep-fry for that crispy texture.

Next you need to layer up bacon, John Jack or Monterey Jack cheese and onion rings for a truly authentic American-style burger. Finish up this incredible concoction with BBQ sauce and marvel in your awesome burger-making ability.

The Duck Confit Burger

 Duck Burgers

Now this is definitely something a little different, but a creation which should be tried and enjoyed by all. This Asian-style burger pops with spices and the meat is tender and juicy!

Start by cooking a Duck Breast and then shred into thick chunks. Next soak in soy sauce for that Asian pop of flavour and place in a bun of your choice. Top with spring onions, rocket, onion marmalade and mustard for a taste of Thailand back in Blighty.

The Pulled Pork Burger

 Pulled Pork Burger

This American burger is simplistic on fillings, but damn tasty all the same. Firstly, get hold of a pork cut. The Boston Pork Butt is perfect for pulled pork thanks to the cut coming from the upper shoulder, meaning the fat marbling is much higher than you’ll find in more traditional pork cuts like the loin.

Next smother your pulled pork with as much BBQ sauce as you’d like (we’d recommend going all-in for as much flavour as possible), slow cook on a medium heat for 4 hours and then top with coleslaw and crisp romaine lettuce to finish off this pub classic in a bun.

Veggie Alternatives – Mexican Bean Burger & Lebanese Falafel Burger

 Veggie Bean Burger

Now we can’t be leaving out all you vegetarians out there, and luckily there're some incredible meat-free options available. For a burger with a spicy kick, look to a Mexican-style bean burger creation or Lebanese falafel burger featuring plenty of salsa, guacamole and yogurt.

Firstly, create your bean burgers by mixing beans, breadcrumbs, chilli powders, egg and salsa together. Roll them out into round chunks and grill on the BBQ until golden brown. Next mix coriander with yogurt and lime juice and spread on the top of the burgers, layer salsa, guacamole and cheese to finish. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will!

On-to the Falafel burger.  Lebanese food is exquisite and all that hummus, halloumi, falafel, chick peas and rice has us immediately wanting to make a divine falafel burger on the BBQ. Luckily it’s incredibly simple and is a great alternative for vegetarian guests or people wanting to try something a little different aside from the usual creations.

You’ll need to soak chickpeas overnight, so they’re packed with moisture and blend together with onions, garlic, chilli powder and flour to shape into patties. Fry them on the BBQ and smell the flavours as they come together! Top with a big dollop of hummus, tahini sauce, tomato, lettuce and halloumi cheese, and tuck in!

So there you have it, our top burger picks for National Burger Day. Whether you’re a carnivorous meat eater who craves the finest, juiciest meat, or you’re a vegetarian who wants to try something a little different with an Eastern theme – there’s something for all taste palettes when you host your August Bank Holiday BBQ.

Be sure to check out Tom Hixson for all your BBQ needs – from premium cuts for those special occasions, to regular joints for everyday meals and functions, we supply the best quality meat in London.

Happy National Burger Day, folks!


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