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Tom Hixson x The Oxford Charcoal Company

Tom Hixson x The Oxford Charcoal Company

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 09:28:14 Europe/London

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with The Oxford Charcoal Company.  It’s our charcoal of choice when it comes to enhancing the taste of our premium TH meat when smoking or barbecuing. To enjoy 10% off their site simply enter the code: HIXSON at checkout! Here’s a few reasons why we love it so much!


At the Oxford Charcoal Company, they’ve been perfecting charcoal-making to bring clean-burning, untainted, single or mixed species premium lumped charcoal.

Always small batch fired, their lumpwood charcoal is ready to cook within 10-15 minutes, so you can spend less time grillin’ and more time chillin’!  

There are no nasty chemicals added, no petrol smells or odd flavours and certainly no rainforest either. They make their charcoal in specially designed kilns and their Oxford process means charcoal lights easily and burns more evenly with a lot less smoke, so you get an authentic barbecue aroma that compliments the natural flavour of meats, fish and veg.


They use 100% British trees from sustainable woodlands, providing vital habitats for wildlife and compliant with Grown in Britain, the Government’s UK Forestry Standard. 

With a unique range of different woods for a wide variety of grilled flavours, it has to be the best charcoal in the world!

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Sally Hixson

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