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UK Sausage Week

UK Sausage Week

Monday, 30 October 2017 13:53:00 Europe/London

The 30th October -  5th November marks UK sausage week. A time to celebrate one of our favourite culinary delights. Whether you have a love for a sausage sandwich, sausage, mash and beans or even toad in the whole there is no denying we all love a good banger!

Here at Tom Hixson we are extremely proud of our wide range of award winning sausages.  All of which are made using a secret family recipe of over 50 years, what we don’t keep secret though is the high meat content which gives them a taste like no other.  Hence the name of our original and best-selling ‘meaty pork sausage’.

For the more adventurous we have a number of other mouth-watering flavours too – cumberland, pork & leek, chorizo, beef, Lincolnshire, pork & herb, Argentine and for allergy sufferers a gluten free pork sausage. To shop our range simply click here - we know those of you who havent tried them won't be disappointed!

To mark sausage week we are holding a competition to see what ways you like to cook our sausages. From a weekend fry-up or a sausage hot pot we want to see how you enjoy them! Simply tweet @tomhixsonmeat or Instagram @tomhixsonmeatlondon using hashtag #tomhixsonsausages and our favourite will win a Tom Hixson sausage box for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Good Luck

*Entries close Friday 17th November*


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Tom Rutherford

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