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Spotlight Series: New Zealand Lamb

Spotlight Series: New Zealand Lamb

Saturday, 3 March 2018 13:31:22 Europe/London

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Our partnership with Pure South farmers in New Zealand stretches back for many decades. The longevity of this relationship is, ultimately, due to the consistency and superb quality of their grass-fed, free-range produce.

The Product

From a health perspective, their award winning lamb contains all of the essential amino acids, which makes it a high quality protein food. In addition to:

Zinc: required for our bodies to fight infections and heal wounds. It’s also found in every one of our cells, and is essential to the structure and function of over 50 enzymes. The zinc found in lamb is more easily absorbed by our bodies than those found in grains.

Iron: carries oxygen to the brain and muscles. It’s key for our mental and physical well being. Like zinc, iron in lamb is in the ‘haem’ form, so it is more easily absorbed.

Omega 3s: healthy oils such as omega 3 and 6 are found in grass-fed lamb. These are the same oils found in some fish and fish oil supplements.

The Environment

Producers have the ideal landscape and conditions to work in. New Zealand’s location in the South Pacific ensures a temperate year round climate, which is ideal for natural pasture growth, and ideally suited for lamb farming.

On the top of this, a combination of geographic isolation and strict quarantine laws has kept New Zealand free from all major animal diseases, such as foot and mouth disease.

Finally the rearing of livestock outdoors, ‘as nature intended’, not only provides superior produce (less health issues and better nutrition through natural fodder), it also provides livestock with a life free from distress, and not restricted from displaying their normal animal patterns.

The Farmers

Perfecting their craft since 1948, the passionate people at Pure South are world class, both in terms of expertise and dedication. This is highlighted in a number of key areas:

Welfare: commited to the AWAC standards. These codes are internationally recognised and developed by NAWAC after extensive consultation with members of the farming community, animal welfare groups and the veterinary profession.

Traceability: all of their stock is accompanied by an Animal Status Declaration. Control of stock transfers between suppliers allows full trackability from farm to fork. 

Environmental Awareness: they have reduced GHG emissions by 25% per unit, and the total fuel used for processing per unit of production has been reduced by 32% since 2000.

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